S.C. Ratings Panel and M.B. Golf Trips Identifies “Myrtle Beach’s Perfect Round” of 18 Golf Holes

Myrtle Beach has more than 1700 golf holes spread over nearly 100 golf courses. Have you ever wondered what taking the 18 best of those holes and combining them to create one championship golf course would be like? The South Carolina Golf Course Ratings Panel and Myrtle Beach Golf Trips recently teamed up to find out. The Panel's been around since 2004 and its members cross the state playing and rating the best of the best courses. Avid golfers, the panelists have played just about every course along the Grand Strand. When asked to name their favorite par 3s, 4s and 5s, the responses came in quickly. After initial responses were tallied, the panel was provided with a list of those holes that received the most votes and asked to vote again. From that survey came the panel's dream 18 holes, dubbed “Myrtle Beach's Perfect Round.”

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