Is March a Good Time to Take a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip? You Ask, We Answered

What can golfers taking a Myrtle Beach trip in March reasonably expect? With many newcomers to the game looking to travel, sometimes from a long distance, it’s a frequently asked question, and we are here to answer.

Here is what you need to know about the Myrtle Beach golf experience in March:

How is the weather?The Palmetto Course at Myrtlewood Golf Club
The short answer is, very nice. The average high temperature in March is 68 degrees with the mercury rising throughout the month. Even on a “cool” day, the weather is pleasant. A pair of golf pants and pullover will work, with the understanding you will likely be coming out of the pullover as the day wears on.

How are golf course conditions?
Really good. Bermuda grass remains mostly dormant in March, but courses partially overseed, ensuring emerald, green fairways framed by a golden rough.

TPC Myrtle Beach, Pine Lakes Country Club, Blackmoor Golf Club, Man O’War, The Wizard and Arrowhead Country Club overseed wall-to-wall, ensuring golfers play on nothing but the green of grass. For the record, the dormant rough is a great surface to play from, but the appeal of green grass, especially for our visitors from the north, is easy to understand.

How is the value in March?
With 90 courses, the area can deliver any type of experience at a price chocked full of value. The All-Inclusive package from Founders Group, which allows you to choose among 21 courses, including layouts such as TPC Myrtle Beach, Grande Dunes Resort Club and Pawleys Plantation, is example 1A. The value of a Myrtle Beach golf trip is always outstanding.

Is March peak season?Murrells Inlet Marshwalk
It’s getting close, especially toward the end of the month, but not quite. Trust me, you will run into plenty of your fellow duffers, but it will be a touch slower in March than it will be in April, which means there is still time to book a trip.

Is there much going in Myrtle Beach in March?
What kind of question is that? Of course there is a lot happening – it’s Myrtle Beach. From the St. Patrick’s Day festival, to concerts at House of Blues, live music at a variety of venues, and the joys of the Marshwalk in Murrells Inlet (pictured right), if you can’t find something to do in Myrtle Beach, you aren’t looking very hard.