If You Could Only Play One Golf Course in Myrtle Beach: We Asked, You Answered

Thankfully residents and vacationing golfers are not limited to playing only one of the nearly 90 fantastic Myrtle Beach designs. Golf writer Ian Guerin released a story exploring that very question however, “If you could only play one golf course in Myrtle Beach” 

Here’s an excerpt:

Thankfully, residents and visitors of South Carolina’s Grand Strand aren’t relegated to just one course. With 90 or so to choose from, the variety is part of what makes Myrtle Beach golf. But what if you could only play one course in Myrtle Beach? This would be your new home course, where everyone knows you by name, you become buddies with the head golf professional and your standing tee time becomes part of the property’s history. Once on the links, you’d become an expert (over time, of course), and have the opportunity to steer your guests or random pair-ups around its 18 holes like a tour guide-esque player-coach.

We know it would be a struggle to choose that single, solitary course, so we’re going to give you a nudge in the right direction. Regardless of which pocket of the Palmetto State’s northern coastline you might call home, you have options to complete this dream without feeling regret that you picked the wrong site.

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So we asked you via Facebook to give your feedback on “If you could only play one golf course in Myrtle Beach?” Most of you failed and did not answer with just one, which is a testament to the quality of golf that we have along the Grand Strand. Here are just some of the many comments we received:

Myrtle Beach National , ( Kings North) ~Gary via Facebook

That’s just not fair ~Phillip via Facebook

The Witch or Caledonia~David via Facebook

Tidewater~Brian via Facebook

Barefoot Resort.Got To ride around Pete Dye Course this past Winter ..Conditions, in spite of damp weather were Fantastic !~Myron via Facebook

Impossible, the Dunes is a great one, but Tidewater, Farmstead, Meadowlands even though they are on the border of NC. and SC. If I could play all 3 in one day could we classify as one?~Tony via Facebook

I’m shocked not one comment for Pawleys or Grande Dunes. I would favor Grande Dunes or Barefoot Dye. Now, my question is which course is extremely underrated. Willbrook for me is outstanding.~Dana via Facebook

Caledonia, True Blue, Grand Dunes & Tradition~Gary via Facebook

Prestwick, Caledonia or True Blue, top three choices, tough decision~Daryll via Facebook

Well, I’ve got to say I can’t argue with any of these selections. I’ve played all of them and thoroughly enjoyed each one!~Jim via Facebook

Played all of them! Caledonia is #1 hands down!and the granddaddy Pine Lakes should get some love!!

True Blue, Heritage, TPC, Glen Dornoch & Tidewater~Mike via Facebook

Caledonia or True Blue~Charles via Facebook

Dunes or Pine Lakes. Pine Lakes only because that was first course I ever played in MB~Rick via Facebook

Dye Course at Barefoot~Steven via Facebook

Tidewater not even close best here~Keith via Facebook

Grande Dunes!!!~Neil via Facebook

Dunes is brilliant I also really liked Surf Club~Alan via Facebook

Dunes no doubt!~Meigs via Facebook

Barefoot courses and Dunes are prob my favorite so far~Brian via Facebook

Prestwick for sure~John via Facebook

True Blue or Heritage~True Blue or Heritage

Kings North~Asher via Facebook

Caledonia for sure~Cathy via Facebook

Dunes Club~Mac via Facebook

Willbrook Plantation~John via Facebook

Caledonia!!!~Dennis via Facebook

Long Bay. (Nicklaus)~Ben via Facebook

Tigers Eye~Tim via Facebook

TPC. Or Farmstead~Jonathan via Facebook

True Blue~Troy via Facebook

Dye course at Barefoot. My last trip to MB I also played Kings North, Dunes & Rivers Edge and cant argue against any of those. Honorable mention, Oyster Bay!~David via Facebook

Kings North~William via Facebook

Rivers Edge~Eric via Facebook

Caledonia…One of the Best! ~Jean via Facebook

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