Give Me That Shirt! Ranking Myrtle Beach’s 5 Best Golf Course Logos

We’ve ranked golf courses, our favorite holes, restaurants and happy hours but there is a part of the Myrtle Beach golf scene we haven’t touched, a much more intangible component – golf course logos.

That’s right – logos. They make a difference when it comes time to purchase apparel and sometimes they even make for a post-round talking point. Nobody ever ranked Possum Trot (RIP) among Myrtle Beach best golf courses, but who didn’t love that logo, which featured a possum with a hat on his head, a club in his hand, and his bag strapped over his shoulders?

With Possum Trot no longer on the scene, what are the area’s best logos?

Give me a t-shirt with the Beachwood Golf Club logo and I’ll wear it all day! The palm tree, blue sky, Beachwood banner spanning the length of the logo, and even the old school reference to the “Sun-Fun Capital,” I love it all. Beachwood’s logo harkens back to a time when everything about the game was taken less seriously, and I’m here for it. I love that they’ve maintained the logo through the years.

The Dunes Club offers another simple, classic logo. The alligator with the golf ball in his mouth is timeless and it absolutely speaks to the experience at the course. The Dunes Club sells a lot of merchandise for a variety of reasons, and that logo certainly doesn’t hurt.

Pine Lakes Country Club was Myrtle Beach’s first course and its logo reflects its place in the market. The crown on top of the crest, the vibrant colors and laurel wreath provide the Granddaddy’s logo with a fitting elegance. This one is a winner.

For those that favor a more modern look, I love the Rivers Edge logo. The heron standing watch over a green with a flag is perfect for a hat I’d be happy to wear. The font used for Rivers Edge is a little whimsical but it absolutely works.

Myrtle Beach National sells as much apparel as any golf facility at the beach and its logo, featuring a compass, is perfect for the three Arnold Palmer designed courses. The compass is a fitting nod to King’s North, SouthCreek and West courses while heading east will take golfers to the beach, always an attractive destination.

Honorable mention on my list of favorite logos: Arcadian Shores, Crow Creek and Meadowlands.