Skill Drills with Meredith Kirk: Quick Pre-Round Stretching

We all know what it’s like. You arrive at the golf course and you get there five or ten minutes before your tee time. You don’t have a lot of time to warm up. If that happens to you, I’m going to show you a very quick pre-round warm up.

First thing that you want to do, is you can stand with your feet should width apart. I want you with your right foot to take a step back. Kind of as far back as you can til you feel that stretch. Then, you’re going to lay that foot flat on the ground and then you’re going to get your hips and push them forward. Okay, so we’re gonna stretch out those hip flexors. This is really important, okay. Because, the golf swing, you’re using your core. You want to make sure you’re nice and stretched out in this core area. So you hold. You’re going to repeat the same thing on the other side. Hold, and this actually feels great. I love this. It stretches out your entire hip and also your hamstrings and your quads. It feels really good.

You’re going to go back and forth and do this five times on each side. Then after that, you’re going to grab a club. You’re going to make some continuous swings. About five times. You’re just going to brush the ground ;lightly. It’s just a sweeping motion. You’re going to do this five times and then, what you’re going to do with your lead arm, you’re going to swing and take your trail hand off. Just like this. Back and forth. Do that five times and that, right there, is a very quick pre-round warm up. So, next time, if you’re rushing to get to the golf course, just think of this tip to help you get out there, nice and warmed up.