Skill Drills with Meredith Kirk: Establishing a Good Chipping Stance

Today I want to give you a really easy tip on getting into a good chipping stance. First thing that you want to do is you always want to make sure that you square the club face to the ball and make sure that you are aimed at your intended target. Second thing is with your feet shoulder width apart, I want you to drop back your forward foot. We’re going to open up your hips about 35-45 degrees. Third thing that we’re going to do is we want to make sure that our shoulders remain square to the target. Just because our hips are open doesn’t mean that our shoulders have to be open. Now I’m going to lean in to that forward foot. I want to make sure that I’m really leaning in, getting that weight on my left side so I’m lifting up the foot a couple times. Nice and comfortable. All you’re going to do is take it straight back and straight forward. Just like that. Hold. Come back. Let’s do it again. Square club face. Feet shoulder width apart. Hips are open. Shoulders are square. Nice and easy. Come back again. Square the club face, dropping that forward foot back. Hips open. Square shoulders. Now I don’t want you to feel like you’re slumping over the ball. You want to stand tall with nice flexed knees for this motion. It’s really easy shot. Just like that. There you go. So, that is a super easy tip, getting into a good chipping stance. Once you get into this position, you’re going to have a lot of fun with it. Chipping is so much fun. It’s a great way to lower your strokes out on the course. I hope you enjoy this tip.