River Hills Golf Club Setting Itself Apart From the Pack

Meredith:           We are at the beautiful and popular River Hills Golf Club. And joining me today is head golf professional, David Spoon. David, thanks for having us out.

David:                   And thanks for coming out.

Meredith:           Well, I’m excited to be here because, this is a very popular course on the North end of the Grand Strand. So, let’s tell our viewers a little bit about River Hills.

David:                   River Hills is a golf course. It’s been around for 30 years now, located here in Little River. It’s … A little history on it, it was supposed to be a private only golf club. So it’s got the uniqueness of what a private club has with the greens, but it’s a well manicured, maintained facility. Tree-lined, elevation changes.

Meredith:           That’s great. And one thing that I love about the Northern course is that you do get a little bit more elevation changes, versus the central and Southern courses. Another reason why golfers need to check out the Northern end of the Grand Strand. Love that. And what are some of your signature holes here? Some of the favorite holes and when golfers come out, where they love to play?

David:                   You know there’s … Every hole is unique out here there’s no-
River Hills Golf Club

David:                   Two holes alike on the golf course. It’s something a lot of patrons out here recognize. Our signature course hole is probably number 17 on the course. But we have a lot of good holes out here. Top 100 in Myrtle Beach is number 14.

Meredith:           Mm-hmm (affirmative).

David:                   It’s a challenging par fore, dog leg to lefts, guarded by water. But, there’s … You’ll pick out your favorite hole out here when you play the golf course.

Meredith:           Yeah. Well, it’s absolutely beautiful. Now it’s really close to Myrtle Beach actually. What is the proximity. If you’re right in a Myrtle Beach airport, and you’re here for a great golf trip, how long would it take a golfer to head on to the North end here?

David:                   It takes you about 25 to 30 minutes from the airport.

Meredith:           Mm-hmm (affirmative).

David:                   If you utilize the Highway 31, you’ll be here in no time at all. It’s a very simple drive, not much traffic to deal with-

Meredith:           Mm-hmm (affirmative).

David:                   And, it’s a good way to access all the courses we have on this North end.

Meredith:           Oh, absolutely. So if you’re looking to book your next golf vacation, you can go to myrtlebeachgolftrips.com, and really coordinate a number of golf courses here on the Northern end, including River Hills or  Aberdeen, or Long Bay. Those are some good options for you, but definitely you’ve gotta check out the Northern end. You know, you just can’t beat golf.

David:                   No.

Meredith:           Yeah.River Hills Golf Club

David:                   Not you can’t, it’s a kind of a hidden away. A lot of people don’t think of it when they think of the Grand Strand but, a lot of good golf courses, and River Hills and Long Bay, and Aberdeen-

Meredith:           Absolutely.

David:                   Are all fantastic courses.

Meredith:           Yeah. Absolutely. And there’s also a great practice facility. Behind us you can see the beautiful club house. It really is beautiful when you pull in here. A large range, you have a putting area that you can practice. And, always have a friendly staff, every time I come out here they just … They greet everyone and everybody’s just so friendly out here and that’s just great. When you come to the golf capital of the world Myrtle Beach, you really get that Southern vibe.

David:                   Thank you, thank you. That’s what we want to provide, that’s where you’re at, that’s how you should be treated and-

Meredith:           Right.

David:                   That’s one thing that we pride ourselves upon.

Meredith:           Alright. So folks, come join us here at River Hills Golf Club. Go to myrtlebeachgolftrips.com and book your next golf vacation, and we would love to see you here.

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