Is Myrtle Beach Still The Golf Capital of the World?

Over the last two years, golf has enjoyed a surge in popularity. Now, many of the players who returned to the game or are new to it are looking to enjoy a buddies trip, leading to a frequently asked question:

Is Myrtle Beach still the golf capital of the world?

Let’s breakdown the facts and you can decided for yourself.

How many golf courses does Myrtle Beach have?Caledonia Golf & Fish Club
Sure, several layouts have closed, a testament to a blazing hot housing market as golfers retire to the area, but Myrtle Beach is still home to 90 golf courses. From TPC Myrtle Beach, Grande Dunes Resort Club and Caledonia Golf & Fish Club to the value tracks that make the area accessible to everyone, no destination can match the range of Myrtle Beach’s golf offerings. It’s not close.

Where can you stay?
Golf course condos. Oceanfront hotels. Rental homes. Myrtle Beach offers every accommodations option imaginable, ranging from luxury beach homes to standard, old-school hotel rooms. No matter what type of place you want to stay in, it’s here. No destination can match the area’s range of accommodations offerings. It’s not close.

Is there still fun to be had off the course?
Is this question a joke?! The fun is only just getting started when the final putt drops in Myrtle Beach. Whether you want to go to Topgolf, Broadway at the Beach or enjoy a couple brews in a low-key spot, if you can’t find a good time in Myrtle Beach, you aren’t trying very hard.

Can I enjoy a great meal in Myrtle Beach?Grande Dunes Resort Club
Abso-freaking-lutely. The dining scene in Myrtle Beach is wildly underrated, mostly because people see chain restaurants and lazily assume that’s all the area has to offer. If you want a great meal, there isn’t a golf destination in America with as many outstanding options. New York Prime, Aspen Grille, Perrone’s, Chive Blossom, Bistro 217, Parson’s Table, Martini’s and the list goes on and on. If food is important to your group, whether it’s breakfast (Blueberry’s Grill, Johnny D’s), lunch (Dagwood’s) or any of the aforementioned dinner options, Myrtle Beach is the place for you.

So, is Myrtle Beach still golf’s best destination?
That’s a question for you to decide, but from our perspective, the answer is unequivocally, yes! Golf, accommodations, food and good times – they are all here in abundance. Myrtle Beach also enjoys nonstop flights from more than 50 destinations and it’s easily accessible by car. If you haven’t taken a golf trip in a while, Myrtle Beach is an even more appealing destination than it was last time you were. It’s time to start planning.