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Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center

If you’re looking for the latest tools to help improve your golf game, look no further than your golf clubs. Modern advances in golf club technology enable players to hit balls farther and more accurately than ever before. Despite these developments, most players are not using clubs that fit them, preventing them from playing up to their full potential.  A Golf Magazine study found 90 percent of American golfers could be playing with improperly fit clubs. If you’re shopping around for performance enhancing club, check out the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center which offers custom club fitting, lessons, and more.

Research suggests playing with custom fit clubs can make all the difference in a golfer’s performance. A study conducted by Golf Digest found eight out of nine golfers who were custom fit for clubs lowered their scores by as much as six strokes per round and added as many as 21 yards off the tee.

Unlike many golf performance centers, Grande Dunes club fittings are conducted at an outdoor hitting bay or a grass tee outside as opposed to an indoor setting. An outdoor setting produces a more realistic swing and a more accurate fitting for the customer.

“Any golfer who plays regularly should be fitted for clubs and be checked every so often to make sure they are playing the right stuff for their game,” said Dale Ketola, director of instruction and fitting at Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center. “Juniors and seniors often change very quickly when it comes to their body, speed, etc. When the mechanics change, often the clubs should change as well to compliment the improvement.”

Ketola has access to the finest technology and resources to help you perfect your game. He begins each club fitting with an interview to determine what you hope to achieve from the experience. Your equipment is assessed to identify factors that can be improved. Ketola analyzes every aspect of the club including: loft, face angle, size of head, weight, length of shaft, kick point of shaft, shaft flex, lie angle, stiffness, grip size and type, wedge spacing, and set makeup.

Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center Club FittingGrande Dunes Golf Performance Center uses Flightscope radar technology to track the golf ball and club during your swing. This technology provides the information needed to help  optimize your performance. Fittings often involve a great deal of mathematical data and Ketola efficiently analyzes the numbers to provide the best product.

Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center carries products by TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, Fourteen, PXG, Odyssey, Scotty Cameron, and US Kids Golf. In addition, the shop carries various training aids from multiple manufacturers including the Orange Whip golf swing trainer.  Most fittings take one hour, and more detailed full-bag fittings take two hours. Custom orders have a turnaround time of about two weeks and your products can be drop shipped to any address.

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