Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center: Hit Location with a Driver

Hey guys. Dale Ketola. Today we’re here today in the Performance Center. I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about hit location when it comes to a driver. So, when I’m doing a club fitting or a lesson it’s very important that I know where the golf ball is coming off the face of the club. So, I just hit a few shots here after lunch. And we’ve got three different scenarios here. So, we’ve got one scenario where the ball was hit high on the club. One that it was hit middle on the club. And one that it was hit low on the club. So it’s very, very important that I know every shot that a person’s hitting and where it’s hit on the face so I can help them either get into the proper drive or help them with their swing mechanics. So, we’ll look at the first one first. So, the first one was the one that was hit high in the face, which is shot number six. And we can look and see that the ball was launched at almost 15 degrees. So, it’s coming out of the building at 15 degrees off the ground, which is a little bit high for me. Also, when you hit it high on the face, the face will rock back. That’s why it goes high. And it will also decrease spin. So, you see the spin rate on this shot was 2118 which is pretty darn low. A very good shot. You’ll maintain the ball speed, but it will decrease spin and increase your launch. So, if we can go to the middle shot. So, this was the one that was hit pretty well. Shot number eight right in the middle of the face here. Same swing speed. Launch angle is about ten, so that came down. That’s about normal for me is about ten. Spin rate was 2500, so that would be excellent for me. And this was a very good shot. As we go down to number nine, the last shot here was hit very low on the face and on the inside. So, that only launched at about five degrees, so it’s gonna come out a lot lower, because when you hit the ball on the bottom of the face, the face will rock this way. So, it’ll launch very low with a lot of spin on it. So, what you’ll also notice is I lost probably almost 30 yards on that last shot. So, it’s very important for me to understand where the shot’s coming off and also if you’re trying to pick up yardage in a lesson, trying to find these points on the golf club are super important. So, hope that helps.

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