Five Reasons Waiting To Book a Spring Golf Trip is a Mistake

Spring seems like a lifetime away but few things get golfers through shortened daylight hours and sub-freezing temperatures like dreams of a trip.

Here are the top 5 reasons to plan and book your 2020 Myrtle Beach golf trip sooner rather than later, allowing you to ward off golf depravation depression.

— Myrtle Beach is where the stay-and-play golf package was invented. Top 100 courses, oceanfront accommodations, legendary value and great food and nightlife; it’s all here and priced in a way that makes the destination accessible to everyone. Don’t believe me? Ask one of Myrtle Beach Golf Trips’ resident Golf Ambassadors about the area’s most popular 2020 packages. You won’t believe how good the deals are.

— When the holidays are in the rearview mirror and it’s dark by 5:15 p.m., cabin fever will set in. There is no better way to get yourself through those light-deprived days than talking trash with your buddies and reliving the good times of previous trips. Having a trip on the books will ignite the exchanges that make those snow-covered days bearable.

— Speaking of weather, Myrtle Beach is fortunate to be a 12-month a year destination. Locals complain about an average high temperature of 56 degrees in January, the area’s coldest month, but for our friends in other parts of the country (and Canada!) that sounds like a veritable heatwave. Did we mention the value of a January-February golf trip is ridiculous, even by Myrtle Beach standards?

— Myrtle Beach golf courses have doubled down on providing the best possible course conditions and that will certainly be the case in 2020. Founders Group International, the area’s leading ownership group, has opted to overseed 11 courses wall-to-wall, including TPC Myrtle Beach, King’s North and Pawleys Plantation. Wall-to-wall overseeding means the entire layout – tees, fairways, rough and putting surfaces – will be green throughout the year. Players can also expect to see wall-to-wall green grass at Arrowhead Country Club, The Witch, The Wizard and Man O’War, among others.

— Travelers of all types have been rewarded in recent years for waiting until the last minute to book a trip. Take my word for it, that’s not a winning strategy with a golf trip, especially if you have a group larger than four. During the peak spring season, prime tee times and courses fill up quickly, so if you and the boys don’t want to strike the first tee shot at 7:15 a.m., it’s best to book early.

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