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Episode #36: Beware! Faux Pas That Will Ruin Your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip 07/29/2021

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View Full Transcript Ambassador Meredith Kirk highlights things you need to stay away from that can ruin your trip to the Golf Capital of the World

Show Notes/Time Stamp

To 1:12                Intro from Litchfield Country Club

1:13                      Like and know the people you vacation with. Number of golfers matter too.

3:00                      Meredith’s thoughts on sharing a room with someone, sleeping arrangements

4:11                      Who picks up the tab? Food plans and boundaries

7:06                      How too much alcohol consumption effects a golf trip

7:50                      Observations from the golf industry on drinking too much and some advice

9:31                      Meredith working the beverage cart

11:29                    The pressure of gambling games and playing well. The importance of fun

14:48                    Socializing and enjoying the people you’re with

15:20                    The pairings guy pairing you with “that guy”

16:53                    Geography of Myrtle Beach and the importance of understanding it

20:20                    Determining if you want to drive

20:46                    Faux pas of not understanding courses location and driving distance, 36 Hole days

21:30                    Getting a free quick quote and vacation guidance, course selection

22:38                    Are you a morning or afternoon player?

23:42                    Meredith “Sleeping In” while on vacation

24:08                    Why it’s tough to get a 10:00 tee time

24:45                    Meredith’s advantages of being an afternoon player

25:25                    The advantages of proper planning—Free Day?

26:26                    Finding a local and getting some more inside knowledge

27:22                    The ideal 3-day golf trip itinerary


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