3 Ways to Ruin a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

You’ve read the headline and are surely thinking, “Can I really screw up a golf trip to Myrtle Beach?”

It’s not easy, but it can be done. Here are three things that can significantly diminish the fun of a Myrtle Beach golf trip (so please, don’t do any of these things):

1. Travel with people you don’t like. Stop rolling your eyes; I know this is common sense. Let me tell you what else I know: people occasionally chase players for their trip, trying to get a number that is divisible by four. If you can’t find player No. 16, suck it up and have everyone pay a couple extra dollars. For most of us, a golf trip is a once-a-year experience to be savored. It’s a chance to spend time with friends away from the grind. One apple really can spoil the bunch. Only travel with people you like, even if it costs you a little more.
2. Sometimes a couple Bud Lights can snowball and next thing you know you are singing “Livin’ on a Prayer” at a karaoke bar … after pounding your third tequila shot. The older you get, the harder it is to shake those nights, meaning a three-day trip could be substantially compromised by staying out until last call. There is a difference between taking a couple aspirin and shaking the cobwebs and feeling like you want to die. Know your limits before hitting the town and don’t exceed them. Sounds simple but it’s a goal good and otherwise responsible people occasionally fall short of on a golf trip.
3. Understand the geography of the area. Know where you are staying and where you are playing because if you have an 8:30 tee time in Pawleys Island and want to play an afternoon round at Myrtlewood at 1:00, it’s never going to work. A golf package provider will tell you that in advance but with players increasingly booking online (sometimes before they’ve secured accommodations), scheduling mistakes happen. Those mistakes are 100 percent avoidable.

A great time on a Myrtle Beach golf trip is a near certainty, so long as you avoid the three deadly sins outlined above!