3 Reasons You Will Regret Waiting To Book Your Next Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

As the old saying goes, everything in life is cyclical and the adage applies to booking patterns for a Myrtle Beach golf trip as well.

At the turn of the century, groups rushed to book their trip in advance, knowing tee sheets were going to fill, but over the years that trend reversed as players began waiting until the last minute to secure tee times.

As we head into the fall of 2021, the worm has again started to turn. If asked for one piece of advice to give a group looking to take a trip this October it would be: book early.


1. Tee times are filling up. The golf boom is real, and we are certainly seeing its impact here in Myrtle Beach as tee sheets in September, October and November are already getting crowded. If you want to guarantee your group gets preferred tee times on the courses you most want to play, the earlier you book the better.
2. If playing the courses you want at the time you want isn’t enough incentive, simple economics should be. The best deals to be had for the fall (or even the spring of 2022) are available now. Courses offer the best rates early and as tee sheets begin to fill you run the risk of rising rates, similar to the way hotels and airlines handle pricing. Book early, save money.
3. Some people are hesitant to book until they get rock solid commitments from all 12 players (or however large your group is). If you have 10 players, go ahead and book the 12-person trip. Everything is easier when you have an itinerary set as it removes uncertainty. There is no hemming and hawing about how we will “probably” go this weekend. Provide dates, pricing info and an outstanding Myrtle Beach golf course lineup and people start getting excited. If you book the trip, people will come.

So go ahead and start researching Myrtle Beach’s best golf packages and get you next trip on the books.