Skill Drills with Meredith Kirk: Putter Sweet Spot Drill

Today I’m going to give you a putting drill on how to hit the sweet spot on your putter head each and every putt. What you want to do is you want to grab two hair ties, and you’re going to place one toward the toe of the putter head and one toward the heel. As you can see right here, I’m kind of blocking in the sweet spot on the putter head. Now we’re going to practice trying to hit the balls always on the sweet spot right here. If we hit the ball on one of the hair ties, what’s the ball going to do? It’s going to go offline. Okay? So, this is a great practice drill to make sure that you get the sweet spot each and every time. I’m going to go ahead and set up here, and I’m going to make a putt, focusing on the inside of those hair ties. Oh, almost made it, but that felt really good, and I was able to hit the sweet spot. So, next time you need to work on better centeredness of contact with your putting, you want to make better putts, grab those two hair ties and work on your sweet spot.