Skill Drills with Meredith Kirk: Feet Together Drill

Today I’m going to show you a drill called the feet together drill. Now this drill is great when you get out on the course. I want this to be the first thing that you do on the range. So what you do is, you put your feet together, go ahead and square the club face. And I want you to make a few swings. Now the reason why I am telling you to do this is because this drill corrects many issues in the golf swing. Number one it fixes tempo, two balance, if you’re not getting enough rotation in the swing, it will help you take that club more on an inside path through impact. So many reasons why the feet together drill is the drill that you must try the next time you are out on the range. So here I go, right here. Nice easy swing, oh that felt good. Very controlled and balanced. That’s why I want you to try this first, then you can work yourself out with your feet position. You can get a little wider each shot. And that is a great warm up for you that will really help give you more tempo, balance, and a more inside path in your golf swing.