Skill Drills with Meredith Kirk: 3 Keys for Good Balance and Posture

Today I’m to give you three keys to having good balance and posture in your golf swing. What I’m going to do for this drill is I’m going to turn to the side here so you can see how to create good posture in your swing.The first thing that you’re going to do is grab a club and hold it horizontally across you. Go ahead and bring it back down to your body here. We’re going to add flex to our knees, so go ahead and bend the knees. Now, what I don’t want to see is too much bend. You don’t want your knees to come over your toes, and that’s what’s beneficial about having this club horizontally across you. You can actually see how much flex you’re adding. You want your knees to be in the center of each foot here. Once you have flex, now what we’re going to do is we’re going to create a little more spine angle here. We’re going to push the pelvis back. Look at that. My backside is now pushing out. Now, what that does is it changes the spine angle, and it creates a little flatter back here, getting into a nice athletic position so you can rotate around your body during the golf swing.See, if I’m standing too tall and I only have the flex, I’m going to be limited on my rotation. But if I stick my backside out here, get my hips out, get into this athletic position, rotation’s going to come very easy. Now, let’s talk a little bit about balance. One thing that you can do is you can get your right foot, or your left foot, whatever you’re comfortable with, and once you’re in this position, lift the foot up like this, bend it, and try to stabilize your weight on one foot. Now, I have a little support here with the club. You can use this and it will help you feel where you are placing your balance. Are you on your toe? Do you feel like you’re on your heel? We want to feel nice and centered. That is the goal. If you can hold this for 30 seconds without using this club to lean on, you’re going to be pretty centered, and that’s what you want. Nice and balanced address position as you get ready to rotate around your body. Now you can go to the other foot, do the same thing. Lift it, hold 30 seconds. What we’re doing here is we’re creating good balance and good posture for the golf swing. Now, these are golf fundamentals. At address, you want to have flex. You want to have your spine nice and flat and your backside out, because the golf swing is a rotation around our body. Once we are in that athletic position, lastly we’re going to work on that balance. I want you to feel your weight 50/50. Again, you should be able to stabilize it by doing a leg lift. And listen, you are set. That is three keys to balance and posture in the golf swing.