Pawleys Plantation A One-Of-A-Kind Nicklaus Design

Meredith:            We’re at the lovely Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club, and today joining me is head golf professional Brian Lewis.

Brian, thanks for having us out.

Brian:                   Thank you, glad to have you.

Meredith:            Well this is pretty exciting, because you guys are coming upon your 30th anniversary here.

Brian:                   Yes, 1988 was the year the course opened. Jack played his inaugural round here in October of ’88, so 30 years this year.

Meredith:            Wow, 30 years, that is incredible.

So tell us a little bit about Jack’s design here.

Brian:                   To me it’s a one of a kind Jack design. I mean we are one of two Nicklaus signature courses on the grand strand, the Long Bay Club being the other, but the back nine here is unlike any other course you’re going to play at the beach, with many views of the salt marsh, and just a gorgeous golf course.

Meredith:            What are some of the favorite holes here that people like to come out and play?Par three 13th Hole

Brian:                   Especially on the back nine I mean thirteen is our signature hole, it’s a short part three with basically an island green, with a very small target to hit to. The seventeen, our other part three on the back has the backdrop of the salt marsh, and it’s just a great golf hole.

Meredith:            Yeah, and one thing I love about this course down here, you really get that low country feel, you have the oak trees, you have a lot of wildlife, and you have those marsh holes. What really, it sets other golf courses apart that Jack designed, many of these holes out here on the water.

Brian:                   Absolutely, and not to take away from the front nine, the front nine is a great golf course as well. You get more of that low country feel with the moss draped oaks, and the large tall pines.

Meredith:            Yeah, so so many reasons to come out here, and so we would love for you to come out and celebrate the 30 year anniversary here at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club.

Brian, if somebody wants to come out and play, how can they connect and book with you here?

Brian:                   Absolutely, you can go to our website,, or you can also visit, and book your round today.17th Hole Pawleys Plantation

Meredith:            All right, sounds good.

Well, you heard it from Brian, you know where to go book,

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