Newer Dining Additions Boosting Myrtle Beach Restaurant Flavor

In the last several months, a large number of restaurants have opened their doors.

Sure, not all of them will likely be huge successes, but we’ve found four (so far) that appear to have all the makings of navigating the market forces that may swallow up some of their recently unveiled competitors. These four have already proved themselves to locals, and they’re ready to prove it to the golfing vacationers, too.

From Market Common over to Carolina Forest, the heart of Myrtle Beach right up to the North Strand, you have a new list of joints to try during your next golf trip.


Opened in 2019, this new take on the Southern pub made a name for itself by being anything but ordinary. The idea was rather simple, if you think about it. Move beyond the simple bar and grill food while providing a vast array of beer choices. The plan has worked.

Brisket mac & cheese, the chicken and waffle sliders (maybe the most well-known menu item) and a charcuterie cheese board (pictured above), after all, aren’t normal fare at your typical sports bar. The menu here is so plentiful that many repeat customers haven’t even figured out that it’s got one of the better burgers in the area. Keep that in your pocket in case you’ve got picky friends who are otherwise afraid of change.


They call themselves “classy casual,” and we really can’t disagree. Bar 19 Twelve (pictured right), which opened in 2019 after converting and old wedding chapel, is a constant draw to the eye with its decor (mainly the curved bar backdrop – trust us, it’s cool). However, the food and drink here make sure this isn’t some one-hit wonder.

Whether you are experimenting with Bar 19 Twelve’s massive bourbon list or just going with one of your favorites, you and your crew need to make your way through some of the small-plate offerings. Jalapeño bacon-wrapped shrimp, the spicy tuna tower and the Thai edamame are all great sharables. 

Few clusters of the Grand Strand appreciate a rising-tides approach quite like Market Common, and the Myrtle Beach “Uptown” layout received another lift when Tidal Creek Brewhouse opened in 2020. Located a quick walk from another brewery (Gordon Biersch), Tidal Creek usually offers at least 10 of its own brews, along with a few “guest” beers, picks from its own brewmasters.

Obviously, that’s the main draw, but the food here carries its own weight, too. The Sticks & Dips platter, the chicken chili, and the BLT (served on a pretzel bun) are all top-notch fillers to help you try out another beer or two.

Yeah, it’s a chain, and we know some of you are just against the sort of thing. But we really haven’t seemed to notice the locals minding too much when it comes to this previously untapped menu style in the Myrtle Beach area. The Louisiana-based restaurant (opened here in 2020) blends much of the new-age cut of a sports bar with food offerings seldom utilized.
Alligator tail or Boudin balls as an appetizer, maybe crawfish or “Cajundillas” for an entree.

Wash it all down with one of the signature drink designs. Why did we give this place a try? A friend who recently moved from the Bayou swears by it. That should tell you all you need to know.