New adiPure Line by adidas® Available at Select Golf Shops in Myrtle Beach

Meredith:           Today I’m with Casey Cook, director of retail at Myrtlewood Golf Club, and 21 other courses here at Myrtle Beach. Casey is going to tell us a little bit about Adidas’s new line. Casey, I’m really excited about this new line. This is something new that Adidas is doing. Tell us a little bit about this.

Casey:                   The new line that they created is called adiPure by Adidas. They unrolled that line a few months ago in 2018. So it’s new to us. New to the consumer coming in for their fall rounds. If you take a look at it, it’s got a really soft hand to it. It’s more of your golf business casual look for the golfer.
adipure line by adidas at Myrtlewood Golf Club

Casey:                   It’s going to have a little bit of cotton, a little bit of spandex in there, which will give it a little bit softer hand.

Meredith:           Yeah, it’s so soft. I love this.

Casey:                   It’s going to wear a little closer to your body than a normal golf shirt, and that’s where a little bit of the moisture-wicking is still going to happen. That you would get in that performance golf shirt that you would usually wear.

Meredith:           Mm-hmm

Casey:                   We’re really excited about the product. A lot of people have probably seen, if they pay attention to golf on TV. Justin Rose, is their benchmark player wearing adiPure.

Meredith:           Okay.

Casey:                   He’s been wearing that for most of the year.

Meredith:           Which I love, because it kind of has a GQ kind of look to it. I like that.

Casey:                   Oh yeah. Absolutely. It’s something totally different then Adidas has normally put out in their line. It’s something where we’re very excited about, and newly for. Yeah, they’ll have to check it out. We’ll have it in five or six of our shops this fall, and a few more for the spring of 2018. It’ll be interesting to see what the customer feels about it. Obviously, our staff stands behind it. It’s some very unique material, and I think the golfers will enjoy wearing it on the golf course.

Meredith:           Okay, great. If we have golfers coming to play golf in Myrtle Beach, what courses can they find adiPure?

Casey:                   They’ll find it here at Myrtlewood. TPC Myrtle Beach on the south end. Pawleys Plantation should have a few pieces of it. World Tour Golf Links. Pine Lakes and Myrtle Beach National, will be some of the hallmark properties. Keep in mind, this line is only sold green grass. You have to play and see it at a golf course, and Adidas is only selling it to selected accounts. So, not everyone can be able to pick up this product, to have it in their shops. Keep an eye out for it. It’s a great product, and I can’t wait to see the customer’s feedback on it.

Meredith:           Okay gentlemen, you heard it from the best, director of retail Casey Cook. Casey, I love this line, and you guys need to check out adiPure with Adidas.

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