Myrtle Beach Golf Tip: Two Training Aids to Improve Your Putting

Paul Contento, an Authorized Golf Machine instructor based out of Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC, shows us how to set up two very simple training aids to improve our work on the greens.

Hey, everybody, Coach Contento here, your SeeMore authorized fitter and instructor. I would like to talk to you about other simple golf training aids that you can use to help ingrain a nice, smooth stroke. One of the very important things that we must do is, we must start striking the ball in the center of the putter face, right in the sweet spot. How can we start ingraining that?

The first one is really simple. It’s just a rubber band. I’ll show you how to set it up. All you’re going to do is you’re going to get one of these nice wide rubber bands. You’re going to make a figure 8 with it. You’re going to stick it over the toe and over the heel of the putter. When you set up, you want it to be equidistant from your line in the middle. That shows your sweet spot. At first, we’re going to set it up so that it’s fairly wide around where the ball is, so you have a little room for error. As you start to improve, you just start bringing the rubber band a little closer … a little closer … a little closer until you have just enough spot for the very edge of the ball to actually strike the putter. That’s a good one.

The second one that you can do is just set up a simple gate with two tees. We want to set it up so that it is just wide enough for our putter to pass through. As you can see, I might have about a quarter inch leeway on either end of the putter face. You put a ball right in the middle. I’m going to leave the rubber band on so I get some ultimate feedback. Then start making some putts. If you come through and you strike the inside, then you know that you’re not staying on plane with your putter.

Put a ball dead center, get set up so that your eyes are just over the heel, and make a nice little stroke where you go through. You’ll hit it in the sweet spot every single time. Very simple, but very important. Strike it on the sweet spot. Give it a try.

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