Meredith Chats It Up with Myrtle Beach Golf Vacationers from Texas

During her recent visit to Grande Dunes Resort Club, Myrtle Beach golf ambassador Meredith Kirk spent some time with a visiting group from Texas. Check out what they had to share about their Myrtle Beach golf experience!

Meredith Kirk: Hey guys, it’s Meredith and I’m out here at the beautiful Grande Dunes, having a lot of fun with a special group from Texas today, so come on out and join us.

Meredith: What’s your name?

Cayetano Silva: My name’s Cayetano Silva, I am president of TXAPA.

Meredith: You brought this entire group out here to Grande Dunes today?

Cayetano: I did, I did. There’s almost 70 of us, 70 plus of us today.

Meredith: I bet that everybody is loving you being president right now, bringing them out here.

Cayetano: Absolutely. It’s a beautiful place. Me and my wife have been out to Myrtle Beach and I actually have played several courses out here and so when it was my choice to come out to any location, I said, “Let’s do Myrtle Beach.”

Meredith: Awesome. Tell me about some of the other courses you’ve played in Myrtle Beach.

Cayetano: Caledonia, Dunes Golf & Beach Club, I guess it is. We’ve played Thistle. We’ve played Tidewater.

Meredith: Beautiful courses. Out of those that you mentioned, which one is your favorite?

Cayetano: My wife’s favorite is Caledonia, that’s it. Mine, I like them all, I’m a golfer, I love all of them. I love the Founders Group courses. I’ve tried play as many of those as I can too. The last time we were here, we did that.

Meredith: Right, well, they certainly have some of the best courses here on the beach.

Cayetano: That’s absolutely right.

Meredith: Here today, is this your first time playing Grande Dunes?

Cayetano: This is my second time. I came out in September and did a, let’s say a practice round, or a trial run and I loved it so I said, “This is what we’re doing.”

Meredith: You just had the best shot out of all the guys out here.

Speaker 3: Did you all get that on camera?

Meredith: Tell me a little bit, who are you down here with? What group are you in today?

Speaker 3: This is the Texas Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Association and there’s a big group of us guys that we travel every summer.

Meredith: Okay.

Speaker 3: We’re glad to be here and had a great week so far.

Meredith: Yeah? What have you done here in Myrtle Beach?

Speaker 3: A lot of golf, good eating.

Meredith: Some restaurants, what were-

Speaker 3: Thoroughbreds is on top of my list right now.

Meredith: You got some money on the table? I mean, you’re from Texas. I know you all got some money on the table.

Speaker 3: That’s right, that’s right. I’m about 20 bucks ahead right now.

Meredith: Nice.

Speaker 3: Anytime, with this bunch, you can get a little bit of money in your pocket, be happy and go forward with it.

Meredith: Yeah.

Meredith: Is this your first visit to Myrtle Beach?

Speaker 4: Yes.

Speaker 5: Yes, it is.

Meredith: It is?

Speaker 4: Yes, it’s beautiful.

Meredith: Have you played any other courses this week?

Speaker 4: We did.

Meredith: What courses were those?

Speaker 4: We played the Dunes, we played Arrowhead Country Club yesterday for nine whole holes.

Meredith: What do you think about Myrtle Beach?

Speaker 5: It’s awesome. Kids are happy at the beach and the pool and we’re happy on the golf course.

Speaker 4: Life is good, yes.

Meredith: That’s the benefits of Myrtle Beach, right? You have all these golf courses. The family can go to the beach and hang out and the adults can go play golf.

Speaker 4: That’s right.

Speaker 5: Yeah.

Meredith: We are having a ton of fun out here and so can you. Give us a call at Myrtle Beach Golf Trips!

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