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Tidewater Golf Club & Plantation

Tidewater Golf Club is the only golf course ever to be selected by both Golf Magazine and Golf Digest as “Best New Public Course In America” in the same year. Burrowed between the Intracoastal Waterway and Cherry Grove, this course offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and challenging play. Recognized by Golf Digest as one of “America’s Top 100 Greatest Public Courses” (2011-2012), Golf Magazine named it one of the “Best Courses Near You,” the South Carolina Golf Course Ratings Panel honored it with a “Best You Can Play” designation (2011), and Golfweek chose it as one of its “Best Courses You Can Play” (#6 in South Carolina).

Tidewater’s signature hole - No. 12, a 145-yard (white) par 3 - is very intimidating. Depending on the prevailing wind, a 130-yard mid-range iron shot needs to carry the marsh and avoid bunkers guarding the front and right side of the green. You can afford to miss long or left, but the green slopes away toward the marsh, making a par effort very difficult. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself forgetting completely about the shot, and spending a few moments admiring the beautiful views of the Lowcountry marsh and home across the way.

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Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.

David (Manchester CT)


First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.

Stephen (Wilmington, DE)


The layout and location of the course was fantastic. The greens were probably the best greens I've played in a long time. Would have been nice to know about the overseeding and cart path only.



I read last couple of reviews and was not sure if I should play Tidewater. I did see where they did maintenance around greens but all good now. These greens were the best I played. The only bad part of Tidewater was that they are overseeding and it will be cart path only soon.

Keith (Pickerington, OH)


Portions of the fringe around the greens is being repaired on every hole. Really affected play around the greens. Our group and several other groups had to wait between 9 and 10 for them to finish am tee times that go off the front and back. Our wait was 35 mins on the 10th tee to continue our round. When we questioned the staff about the wait they told us it was because we played the front in 2 hrs and the pace of play is 2:15. We waited on every shot on the back 9. Really wish the experience would have been better because the course is really beautiful and scenic. Will give this course 1 more chance in a year or two when the fringes are repaired and will keep in mind they double book tee times in the am.

Lou R


Nice layout, poor conditions. Collars around greens have been removed, have to pitch over missing sod. Inconsistent greens. Fairways and tee boxes passable. Not worth the money.



How the hell is this rated over 6. The greens were a total mess with a 2 foot area of grass cut out around them. Not one true roll all day. Fairways unevenly cut with tons of dried grass on them. Tee boxes mangled. Only the staff and practice area was good. There are many many better price ratios available in Myrtle Beach. At $60 we got ripped off royally. Will never never play this again.....



Golf course was nice.



This is a fantastic course, but it can play pretty hard if the wind is up. The greens were receptive and putted well. The people in the pro shop were wonderful.



One of the top courses in the area. Great layout, great views and overall very good condition. Also the carts have built in GPS and come with ice boxes, all of which adds to the experience. A must visit.



Great course, great condition and some stunning views. A must play, if you are visiting.



It is always a pleasure to play Tidewater. A great mix of holes, some through the southern Pines and some holes along the Inter Coastal and others along the Cherry Grove inlet. The course is in great shape. The rebuilt Mini-verde greens are in excellent condition. Sand traps and tees are in great shape. A must play course.

Mitchell (Commerce, GA)


Really enjoyed my round today very nice course and paid a fair price to play it. But I think anything over $70 is over priced



Greens great. Equal to any greens in Myrtle. Overall course was in great shape. Always a great test but fair. Nothing is hidden from you.

Erik (Underhill, VT)


Would have been good to know they were going off both tees at 8am as I came around, starter did a great job of getting me in with almost no wait but slowed my round on the second nine. Course and staff were all great, definitely would play again.



Very scenic course. Tees, fairways in good shape. Greens were in good shape for the most part. Couple of bumpy spots, but all in all good shape. The views of the marsh are beautiful. I would play this course again.

Jack (Southborough, MA)


Always love the course. The attendants are fine but somewhat pushy about club cleaning (for tip I presume, although this occurs everywhere at M Beach) Condition was not the best I've experienced at the course but time of year, weather, etc., can vary this very quickly. We'll be back!



My favorite course! :-)

Paul (Unionville, CT)


Great golf course. Most every hole was a challenge. Holes along the marshes and waterways were beautiful. Course experienced a lot of rain earlier in the week so the tees and greens were a bit long. Everyone was very nice. Would play again.



We played Tidewater today and you can see were it gets its name The Pebble Beach of the East. It was a very scenic course with very good conditions but a little wet. The course has a very good layout and beautiful views. The whole presence of the course is Cadillac. The staff makes you feel important and treats you better than any other course. Overall it is a must play while in Myrtle Beach.

Barry (Danville, VA)


Well maintained course with challenging layout.

Kenneth (Lynbrook, NY)


Great experience. Well manicured.



Overall course was pretty good. Course is in really good shape. The layout is ok. A few holes stood out. Green were hard as cement. I know they are brand new but very hard to gauge distance. They did roll true though. Round was about 5 hours.

Scott (Monroe, NC)


Consistent and true rolling greens among the best in the MB area. Challenging and demanding layout. Will be back for another go as it chewed me up on the first pass.






Just a great course. some edges of greens not filled in yet. Some thin tee boxes also. Both will fill in with warm weather. Greens putted excellent. Can't say enough about the views.



Bag drop guys great. Narcy outstanding.



15 year Tidewater property owner here. The course is in much better shape. Tees were fine, traps were in great shape with Augusta like sand, and green were about 90%. More summer heat and time should make them top notch. All Myrtle Beach courses seem to be a month behind because of cool spring. A few greens a little thin. Over all they put fine. Views are still awesome regardless of how many times you have played. Lars in the pro shop was great at working me in and the cart guys and the starter were all very friendly. Carts have quality yardage monitors with accurate distances. Downside- note to course, I know you have the yardage monitors but some better on course markings would speed things up. Sometimes you don't want to fuss with the monitor. 150 and 100 need to be painted, some sprinkler numbers are missing, and it would be awesome if you brought the Kirby markers back to the course. Overall, a must play.



Tidewater is a definite top 5 course on the Grande Strand. The golf course and green renovation done last summer has left the course looking great. The new Mini-Verde greens are really nice. The mix of holes is great. Some holes are on the salt marsh and Intracoastal waterway offering great views. Other holes are routed through the southern pines. The staff was very friendly and warm up balls are included with your round.



First time playing this tract and I was very impressed. I was told the course was beautiful and that the greens and other updates were done recently. I was expecting the greens to be very firm and the were not. Outstanding layout and greens and the service staff was wonderful.

Glenn (Bloomingdale, IL)


Our group has it in our top 25, not as high as its reviews make it out to be. Some beautiful holes and a few others that don't really impress. Greens used to be unbelievably difficult, but since the changes of the past year, they are far more playable. Clubhouse isn't as conducive to hanging around after the round as some others whose bar, grill and views warrant doing so. Selecting the right tee box can be critical to how much you'll enjoy this course. We will continue to play it every 5-7 years.

John (Lincoln, RI)


Nice layout. Beautiful views. Good staff.

Jeff (Seven Hills, OH)


One of my favorites in Myrtle Beach, especially the 12th hole.



This is the place to play. Top 5 again. Greens were very good. Tees and fairways were the best I have seen them. They are overseeding fairways right now. Must play.

Greg (Cicero, NY)





Greens a bit slower than preferred for that level of a course.

Art (Wilmington, DE)


Range balls were provided. Premium touch screen GPS is on the cart. Touch a spot to get yardage to it. The tees, fairways and bunkers(new sand) were all in good condition. The new mini-verde greens were firm, true and fast. There were some bad spots on a few greens around the edges, but don't affect play. The scorecard now has an interesting White/Green course at 6031 yards, with the 9 hardest rated holes being green tees. White is 6323, Green is 5734. The only green I could tell had any significant slope change was par 3 ##3, where the short right plateau is flatter, to help keep the ball there with a good shot, but it's still undulating. TW is back. Hole ##18 is still very difficult, where even a perfect drive will leave about a 200 yard 2nd shot, possibly with a pine tree in the way. Try to drive it as close to the far marsh as possible, rather than just past the corner.

Bob (Lincoln, NE)


Nice course.

Kenneth Monteavaro



Antonio (Valhalla, NY)


Same problem as Rivers Edge with the greens although better no course books, couldn't tell how far hazards were from the tee, very frustrating, spend too much time looking for your ball. Course had too many nuances and a booklet would go along way to better enjoy the course.

Gary (Sea Cliff, NY)



Jack (Stevensville, PA)


A must play, top 5 course on the beach. Greens were hard but rolled true. Didn't play well but really enjoyed the course layout. As greens mature they will hopefully soften up.

John (Groton, CT)


I have been coming down to MYRTLE BEACH to play golf for the past 14 years. TIDEWATER was a course I would have considered playing again however having a starter tell us 3 times we needed to pick up the pace totally ruined our experience. We were playing ready golf and giving short putts as it was. Having played golf for 15 years we know how to keep pace. If anybody ask me if I would recommend Tidewater my answer would be NO. I rated the Attendants & Starters a 1 but that only applies to the Ranger the rest of the staff was fine. I couldn't rate the Pro Shop or Grill because we couldn't get out of there fast enough.



It's back! Greens great! Always my favorite in Myrtle.



Multiple Reports are saying that the greens are dead, all sand. Switch to another course!

Richard (Thunderbay, ON)


Beautiful piece of property. course did not winter well maybe due to its location. 8 greens were bad but you can tell the staff were working hard on them to bring them back! this is a top tier course but was a disappointment. management knowing this did their best in offering compensation with gift cards and pro v 1 s. clubhouse staff extremely apologetic for the conditions,very classy yet not their fault. as an annual visitor, i would have preferred that management notify golf directors about the conditions so that golfers could make an alternate choice.

Rob (Sevenoaks, Kent)


Greens were not in good condition due to hard winter but this is such a good layout we still enjoyed it. The holes around the intercostal are superb (3,4,12,13) and others not far behind. A must play for anyone playing golf in Myrtle and hope the greens get back to their best

Rick (Fairview, PA)


Love the course, they had issues with the greens, which were in very poor shape. We were made aware of this a few days before we played. The staff was very accommodating with us, let us start on the back, and we finished in less than 4 hours. Great staff there.



Stay away!!! greens that bad. if you have to play, don't pay more than 30 dollars for greens like these. they said it was because the weather. than why does other courses(farmstead)with the same greens not have this problem????? too bad because this is one of my favorites.

James (Milford, CT)


We were given $75.00 pro shop credit due to the Greens condition. First time I been paid to play a course.



Very well run course and very challenging to play. Would play again anytime !

Larry (Sault St Marie, ON)


I found that the green fees with our golf package was to costly.



I'm not sure what the previous commenters were thinking. The greens are the worst in the southeast. As far as I'm concerned, you can't call them greens as it's a 50/50 combination of dirt and sand. Will never come back. Staff is sympathetic, but no grass on greens will lead to a beautiful layout to fail eventually. A joke and a shame.

David (Schaumburg, IL)


Great course, a lot of fun to play



Always a great course with great views. I'd like to play here a little later in the spring to get a better appreciation of it.



One of the most scenic golf courses in MB. Some holes are truly one of a kind. Didn't like the cart path only , so walking to every shot with a few clubs lessened our enjoyment of the course. Two negatives though, the greens had been heavily sanded and putting was frustrating at times. Also, the course official on a few holes asked us to speed up play...easy to do if you could cart to your ball. Besides , no one behind us for 1.5 holes. Go figure. Would consider playing again, maybe ?

Pete (Hickory, NC)



Bruce (Milwaukee, WI)


We always play in November but we will never be back here. Overseeding forced us to play cart paths only. I would have rather gone home but that was 1500 miles away. it may be a beautiful course and the marsh holes were stunning but what we played was not golf. Course staff was the unfailing kind and helpful. Call before booking in November or december

Brian (Ocean City, MD)


One of the best courses I've ever played in Myrtle Beach, if not the best. All seven of our golfers felt the same way.

Bill (Grand Forks, ND)



Jim H


Name belies actual course, most of the water is a view point rather than on course. Interesting course layout with Spectacular views on some holes and others which are just holes with less character. Will play again for sure!!

Don (Dandridge, TN)



Bob (Grand Blanc, MI)


Some of the tees were in need of a little TLC

Dan (Pittsburgh, PA)


Really nice course. The far left pin placement on the short par three was unfair for average golfer.

James (Jackson, MI)



Bill (Glen Rock, NJ)



Glenn (Manasquan, NJ)


Above average course, play if you can get a deal only. Not a $100 course. fun, staff was great

Tom (Alpharetta, GA)





Outstanding course! Nothing like it on the east coast.



On 5/23 I said that the greens needed time. they are perfect now. this is a must play






Played twice last week. greens getting better. dont pay full price with the greens like this. wait another month. still a great course.

Denis (Quebec City, Quebec)





Nice layout and course. Fantastic in cart computer system. Only complaint were the greens. They were very bumpy, fast, and very thin.

Dave (Hamilton, CN)


Greens were in very poor shape. Other than that good course overall.

Steve (Canton, MA)


Top 10 coolest I have played

Michael (West Farmington, OH)


Great layout of a course. Cannot say enough of the view of every hole. Especially the marsh holes. The flip side of the play is that I have played Tidewater 5 times in the last 4 years. Each time I get the same condition of the course. Bad tees and greens that have no growth in numerous spots. Asked pro at the desk if this was salt damage or winter damage. He stated the growing season had not started. This time of the year I am cutting grass in Ohio. I will not, despite the over whelming layout book this course again. They have had this problem for years.

William (Delaware, OH)


Greens were painted dirt. Did not like that part, everything else was great







Jim (Jamestown, RI)


Played this course apr 12/2013. Greens almost unplayable for scoring! Group had to agree to a max 2 putt if anywhere near cup. These conditions were prevalent on almost all greens. Head pro said they had a rough winter but I have played 7 other courses on this trip and did not have any other courses that had these issues! Most disappointing!!

Kenny (Clarks Hill, SC)


Favorite hole: ##3. Enjoyed the surprise gift of ProVI balls and lunch in the grill. Was not warned of the HORRIBLE condition of the traps and greens. Totally disappointed with the greens, little to no grass, just dirt! Traps were extremely inconsistent with some having no sand at all and others sand was deep while still others had a shallow layer of sand on top of hard ground. Very with the course...WAY OVERPRICED!!for course condition!

Ferd (West Deptford, NJ)


The greens were terrible! Great layout.



Tidewater was one of our top courses in spring 2012 (with MB King’s North and Legends Moorland). This spring it is in a poor condition: tee box, fairway and specially greens. GPS did not indicate pin positions and starter told us to “aim for the center”, while a few pins were up front (they should consider buying color flags). We will consider returning this fall or next spring depending on course conditions.

Alan (Owego, NY)



Thomas (Alexandria, VA)


The staff went above and beyond from the bag drop to the grill room.




Kenneth (Littleton, CO)


Great course for the money and the best value we played. We played top courses around Myrtle Beach and it is comparable. I would play it again.

Joshua (Mount Joy, PA)


The experience at Tidewater was great from the time we talked into the clubhouse until we finished up eating afterward. Great, friendly staff, unique and challenging holes with breathtaking views.



I love this golf course. The views of the salt marsh, Cherry Grove, and the inlet are outstanding. Golf course is in great shape. Top 5 in Myrtle Beach. Clubhouse staff is excellent.

Larry (Colorado Springs, CO)


A course which winds through a residential area with long distances between tees. Several hazards that are hidden from view. Greens were in excellent shape and consistent.



Played on 10-18-12 and the course was in good condition. I thought the greens were unusually fast to the point that great shots onto the green would land and slowly roll off...sometimes into marsh areas on putts.(the par 3-- third hole) With several blind shots to elevated greens, holding the greens was an almost impossible task. Bump and run was also not an option, since the approach areas were a little choppy and would misdirect shots left or right. Various sand locations could use steps to prevent twisted ankles going up and down the steep inclines. It is a nice course, a tough course and in several respects an unfair course. Our foursome ranges from an 8 to 14 handicap. When we're scratch players, we'll come back.

Jean Marc (Jon Quiere, QC)


Great place to play. Everything was perfect.

Noel (Amherstburg, ON)


Excellent time here - top shelf - the staff was super friendly.

Jim (Toronto, ON)


Very helpful and courteous in the clubhouse, starter was great and group enjoyed the course.



Top 5 in Myrtle Beach. This course offers not only an outstanding layout but also outstanding views to go along with it. A must play.

Pete (Costa Mesa, CA)



Michael (Halifax, NS)


Tidewater was a return engagement - we had played it on the last day of a previous trip, and wanted to return early in our next trip in order to enjoy the course layout. The starter was the same person with whom we engaged on our first trip, and he was wonderfully engaging as we readied ourselves for the start of our round. Overall, this was a great return engagement, one we would again repeat on our next visit. The course served up the challenges and great hole experiences we remembered, and we left with a very fond feeling for the course.

Lewis (Charlotte, NC)


Very nice course.

Adrian (Virginia Beach, VA)


Course needs a set of tees that provides 6000-6200 yards. The gap between tees was too large forcing us to play the short tees making it not a good choice. Many courses mix Colored tees to provide a better layout.

Larry (Waynesville, NC)


Bermuda roughs over-seeded with rye - too long.

Randy (Olathe, KS)


They had just verticut and topseeded the fairways, gave us some comps but would have been nice to know. Always enjoy the layout though, most likely will return on a future trip.

Robert (Canonsburg, PA)


Everything was great but greens.

Jesse (Lancaster, PA)


Was rated #4 in Myrtle Beach in Golf Digest. I didn't think it was that great compared to Bayside in Ocean City, MD area. Not even comparable to The Dunes course. Maybe cause it was off season? I would rather play there in season and see if it is different.

Jean (Ste Marthe, QC)


The greens were very fast - that I really like about your course and the two par threes across the water are not easy from the black tees.

Rick (Saint Matthews, SC)


Lots of traps ... greens OK but recently punched ... good course ... great views.

Gregory (Enon, OH)


The greens and fairways were recently aerated. We've seen the course in better shape. Still one of our favorites. It would've been nice to know about the conditions beforehand.

Jane (Woodstock, GA)


This course was very overrated. Paying over $90 for a course that was in that condition was ridiculous. I was told the greens were aerated 3 weeks ago but were fine. There were at least 5 greens that were aerated that day/yesterday. Other greens were not healed that well. The greens were not consistent. 2 were very fast but the rest were very slow. Several holes had nice views and good right to left; left to right. Liked that there was water or reeds in play on some holes. Most bunkers were OK, but 2 I know of had little sand in them. In general the condition was unacceptable and should have cost half of what it did. We will NOT play here again.

Pat (Louisville, KY)



Van (New Albany, IN)



Geoff (Houston, TX)


Views were fantastic. Loved the course.

Joseph (Ossining, NY)


Everything was great.

Robert (Trenton, MI)


Very disappointed in condition of greens. Voiced this to the attendants and Pro Shop. Greens were sand dressed and at least 6-7 greens had diseased/burnt out sections. Course was not anywhere near normal standards we have played on in the past.

Greg (Scottsdale, AZ)


Great experience!

Kim (Tiny, ON)



Michael (La Porte, IN)


We really liked this course a few years ago. It appears to have gone downhill each and every year since. Our group voted not to return to it next year. The greens were awful.

Cy (Richmond, VA)



Cong (Markham, ON)


It is a beautifully designed course but unfortunately the course condition was not the best. The fairways were very beat-up and so were the greens.

Tim (Troy, MI)



Chris (Stratham, NH)


Poor condition for a top-notch design; greens need a lot of work to have me come back.

Scott (Waynesburg, PA)



Arnold (Derwood, MD)


Very good.

Bob (Waynesburg, PA)


Beautiful setting, great layout. Of the nearly 100 courses I have played in Myrtle Beach, I would consider this the best.

Mike (Palm City, FL)


Greens were bad.



Played Feb. 26th and course was in the worst shape since they planted grass late for a John Deere tournament. Greens thin on grass and putting not true. For the money Azalea Sands is better. Clubhouse good and snack stand good. Saving money on course maintenance a bad idea in the long run. We won't be back.

Doug (Kingsville, Md.)


Liked it alot.

Paul (Moncton, New Brunswick)


Enjoyed the course. Scenic, challenging, fair. Grass on fairways and greens a little thin, a few greens were spotty, but they all rolled well. Found attendants to be very friendly, and the starter was exceptionally nice and very genuine about wanting us to enjoy our golf experience, so we started our round on a positive note. The direction signage from green to tee was sometimes not obvious and you have to watch closely. Would like to play this course again, but will wait for a special as I can't justify full price.

Fred (Macedon, N.Y.)


Beautiful venue and really nice routing. Conditions mediocre. Expected more from a course charging the top rates in Myrtle Beach. Also, not sure why half the players need to start on #10. This cheapens the experience. Overall, the staff was friendly and helpful. This could be the best in MB but falls short on conditions.

John (Western Springs, Ill.)


Great layout. Always a favorite. However, the condition of the greens and tees was only fair to good. A few of the greens were poor, actually.



Played it Thursday & Friday (4/5-4/6). We were treated well, beautiful views, decent range. Pretty good layout, but our group voted that 18 is a dumb finishing hole. 410 yds. plus, & you need to hit a hybrid off the tee to avoid running out of fairway in to the hazard. Fairways were thin & greens were very thin as well. Worse conditioned course we have played this trip.

David (Montgomery, Ala.)


What a disappointment! Have played this course many times in the past, always looked forward to playing this course, have not played this course in a few years. Course conditions were not up to the standards that they have been in the past. I will most likely remove it from my must-play list!

David (Toledo, Ohio)


Greens left a little to be desired. Enjoyed the layout.

Mike (Raleigh, N.C.)


Fabulous course. Great condition. The views on some holes are incredible. Great collection of par 3's. Greens really putted true. Can't wait to come back.



This is our fifth time playing Tidewater. Great layout, terrific views, outside staff excellent, pro shop staff a little stuffy. Pro in shop made a comment about 1 of our foursome wearing jeans. When you only have 35 players all day & half were homeowners, does it really matter? Conditions were average for time of year (February). Greens were slow and grainy, fairways a little sparse, tees fair. Tidewater is like an old pair of shoes - comfortable, but sooner or later you must throw them out. Used to be the big man on campus, no longer. Our group is passing for a while.

Tom (Elkton, Md.)


Good experience.

Rene (Sicklerville, N.J.)


Beautiful course. Have to hit drives to score. Greens were fair. Par threes are phenomenal. Will play again. Just a great golf course!

Justin (Crownsville, Md.)


Probably (but difficult to say) the best course of the 5 we played.

Robert (Clinton Twp., Mich)


Stop putting people off the back at 10:00-11:00 A.M. This course could easily be played in 3 1/2hours if you didn't. Instead it always takes 5 hours due to back 9 back-up.

Jim (Gaithersburg, Md.)


Fairway overseed unnecessary.

Matt (Newtown, Penn.)


Good course, not as good as Grande Dunes.



A gem of a golf course. Great mix of holes, great views, great condition. A must-play in Myrtle Beach.

Larry (Saul Saint Marie, Ontario)


It has become a priority on my To Play Again courses on my next trip to Myrtle Beach.

B Bush


Don't miss the chance to play here. Just a beautiful course. A couple of the par 3s were very cool. Many scenic holes. Be sure to read the signs or you'll get lost. From green to tee is an added adventure. Favorite of week.



It's back! Wall-to-wall overseed, fairways were good, greens were great, conditions reflect the original Tidewater we all remember.

Phil (Kingston, Ontario)


Nice course, interesting with long distance between greens and next tee.

Frank (Rio Grande, N.J.)


Interesting holes.



Played on 11/3. Every part of course was in great shape. This is my favorite course.

Tom (Beachwood, N.J.)


Course was in great shape. Weather was beautiful. Game was on. Had the best game all week.



A nice surprise. Good staff and course condition was great. Starting to get pricey.

Curt (Allegany, N.Y.)


(Liked the) course condition.

Carl (New Egypt, N.J.)


Not sure if I would play TPC again.

Richard (Leominster, Mass.)


Tidewater was the same as Grand Dunes ...



Great layout, excellent condition.



Good test of your game. Need to be accurate. Course was in great shape and was one of my favorites.



The layout of the course is set up so that you are usually secluded from the other holes from the one you are playing. This makes you feel like you are the only one one the course, which I love. The fairways were in excellent shape, the greens were unsurpassed. Greens were very true and nobody in my group ever had their putt bounce or move one bit.



The par 3 seventeenth was set up really unfairly, with cup on lip of ridge. All other aspects were great.

Ron (Shrewsbury, Mass.)


Love the layout. Course was in excellent shape. (There was) one rather gruff ranger, or whatever you call them in S.C.

Richard (Bloomington, Ind.)


Very good.

Neil (Whitinsville, Mass.)


One of the nicest courses I've played.



The course condition, especially fairways, was okay. Grass on the fairways was not cut.




Alan (Thornhill, Ontario)


Certainly worth the extra dollar - all that played in my group enjoyed the round and found the course to be worthy of its rating.

Walter (Wilmington, N.C.)


Pro shop allowed us to play in the afternoon. It was raining in the morning.

Dennis (Duxbury, Mass.)


Nice course, showed a lot of play.

Dave (Reynoldsburg, Ohio)


Very scenic, great condition.

Joe (Punta Gorda, Fla.)


Good condition.

Diana (Millersville, Md.)


Thank you for making our vacation so enjoyable.

Mark (Maryville, Tenn.)


Cart path only, not good.

Manfred (Somerset, N.J.)


The course condition, especially fairways, very poor. Grass on the fairways was not cut due to preparation for winter season - but we paid a fortune.



Course in great shape. Greens fast and hard. Overseed came in nice.

Michael (Bristol, Tenn.)


Fairways were scarfed (mud) for overseeding, greens were sanded, cart path only. Lousy day. You should advise these conditions when booked. We would have chosen another course.

Allen (Orange, Calif.)


Greens were just sanded but in good shape. The fairways were being prepared for overseeding. Overall the course was in good shape. My GPS was not working in my cart. The bag attendant gave me some lame excuse for it not working saying that when two carts are together one is always wrong on distances. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried his theory on the second round. Didn't work. I had them deliver me a new cart after a few holes. The cart was delivered in a timely manner. Overall, good experience.

Ed (Ocala, Fla.)


Everything was in great shape.

Jim (North Charelston, S.C.)


My brother-in-law from South Dakota loved the course! I love the par 3's along the marsh - some of the best in Myrtle!



Greens were way too slow for such a premiere course.



Very nice layout, lots of nice views of the marsh, fairways were OK, greens were way too slow, a bit pricey. It's a tough layout, don't expect to play your best score at this one.

Merle (Birmingham, Ala.)


The greens were a little slow.

Paul (Murrells Inlet, S.C.)


Great track. Good challenge for guests from out of town. TifEagle greens were quick.

Steve (Scott Depot, W. Va.)


Worst greens we played during the week. Ball could not track due to aeration.



The greens had recently been aerated and had not been adequately filled & smoothed. About 1/2 the fairways were dry and stressed. The greens were a disappointment.

Martin (Hoopeston, Ill.)


We should have been informed that the greens and fairways had just been aerated and were extremely rough and bumpy. Lies in the fairway were often in a hole or in loose material. Layout of the course and holes was excellent but was very disappointed in the overall condition of the course.

William (Celina, Tex.)


Course had just been aerated. Need to be advised if the course is going to be aerated just prior to playing. Played Friday morning and the grill was not open, nor was the snack bar. Used to always make it a point to play this course. I'm replacing it in the future.

Craig (Knoxville, Tenn.)


Very nice all around, we were very pleased.

Stan (Indio, Calif.)


Reminded me of Harbor Town at Hilton Head.

Rick (Altadena, Calif.)


Superior course.

Larry (Toronto, Ontario)


Real tough, but fair.

Steven (West Roxbury, Mass.)


One of the best courses I have ever played.



The scenery and fairways were excellent.

Gerald (Boone, N.C.)


Play 5/16/11. Greens were decent speed but not real fast. Holes along water and marsh are as good as any in Myrtle.

Craig (Toms River, N.J.)


Still my favorite course in Myrtle. Some edges of greens are bad, but rest of greens were great. Tee boxes are not the best.

Robert (Trenton, Mich.)


Some greens had some previous dry spot thinness.

Michael (Phoenixville, Penn.)


(Would like to have known prior to play) that the greens where in poor condition.

Dan (Pleasantville, N.J.)


Great layout, fast greens and very scenic.

Mike (Charlotte, N.C.)


Great course but consistent underachiever. I have had a house on this course for 18 years and they have not been able to repeat the high ranking standards of the first 5 years when Tidewater was ranked high. The greens were thin in some places and patched in others. Tee boxes were showing brown spots and bare spots. This should be the most primo condition of the year. Original architect plans should be reviewed and brought back. Marsh grasses eliminated on 6 & 14 should be brought back for aesthetics. Renew the bunkers on 5. Quit tinkering and focus on conditions. This should be either the #1 or 2 course in the area. Pro shot people great but the ranger was lost. Couldn't answer basic question about the course.

William (Cranston, R.I.)


Great help again in the pro shop booking a replay at another course.

Gary (Ridgewood, N.J.)


Course was in good, but not excellent shape. Very nice routing and variety of holes.



A wonder course ... awesome layout, very demanding, very playable for all handicappers ... a must-play if you golf in Myrtle!

Dave (Hinsdale, Ill.)


(Liked the) holes along the water.

Leonard (Walton, N.Y.)


Great experience and layout, very nice starters and conditions, will be on our list for 2012!

Mark (Rocklin, Calif.)


The greens were very fast and course was in great condition. Very scenic views!

Walter (East Walpole, Mass.)


Bag drop staff and starter were awful!

Randy (Horton, Kan.)


The overall condition of the course was just fair - however, it is one of the most demanding layouts on the Strand.

Neal (Littleton, Colo.)


Love Tidewater; very playable and in excellent condition.

Donald (Louisville, Ky.)


Our favorite of the courses we played. Only wish we could have finished the course due to rain out. Extremely challenging.

Robert (Randolph, N.J.)


We had 3 golfers in our group and they added a single. They put him in my friend's cart without asking and that's rude.

Jim (Twp. of Washington, N.J.)


Tidewater is a tremendous course, quality of track, conditions, and service second to none. We played in 40 degree rain, and still were in awe of the beauty and condition of this fabulous course. Expensive but worth the money. We will come back.

John (Midlothian, Va.)


We were really impressed with the course layout, it is full of fun. One of the best courses we have played in Myrtle Beach. A shout-out to the pro, he was great! He got us out a bit earlier for inclement weather was coming. We made it to the 18th fairway when the sky opened up! We made it!!! Thanks!



Tidewater is a good course, but tricked up a little much in places ... the hole with the lake in front ... even with a decent drive from the white tees you have to lay up ... move the white tees up or fill in part of the lake. With so many blind shots, they really need GPS on the carts.

Jim (Hartford, Conn.)


Nice course. Excellent condition. Only complaint was too much housing adjacent to course.

Benoit (Gatineau, Quebec)


It seems back to its glory days. Superb course and conditioning. The only aspect to work on would be a few tee boxes.

Paul (Owatonna, Minn.)


Tee boxes were average, course was great.

Tommy (Hardy, Va.)


Beautiful course. Par 3 on the back 9 that overlooks the waterway is one of the most scenic holes I've ever played. Loved the GPS on the carts!



This course is great. The greens were a little thin this year but still rolled true. I will be back next year to give it another go.



One of the best layouts I have played in Myrtle Beach. The staff, from the bag drop men to the cart girl to the pro shop, were more than accommodating. Coming back in the fall to play it again and I can't wait.

Willie (Lexington, S.C.)


Great treatment by the Pro Shop! Did not overseed tee boxes. Greens were not the best. Too slow and hard. The worst greens of the 4 courses we played. The layout is too great for the playing conditions provided. All 16 in our group requested to find a place with better greens next year.

Jack (Grand Rapid, Mich.)


Excellent course design.

Brad (Kitty Hawk, N.C.)


Tidewater was a good challenge and the winds and temperature made it even tougher. A great layout.

Robert & Melissa (Lakeville, Mass.)



Joe (Oshawa, Ontario)


Great course, would love to play it again.

Mickey (Liverpool, N.Y.)


Best experience of the trip ... Everything about this course was great except the local lateral hazard rule ... Course and setting absolutely fabulous.

Rich (Toms River, N.J.)


Thank God this course has fallen out of the top 25 @ MB. It was always very overrated. In the past it got high scores, but of late it is too expensive, a bit tricked up and nothing to write home about.

Tom (Port St. Lucie, Fla.)


Least favorite of the four courses we played. The greens did not accept good shots.

Gary (Fairfield, Ohio)


Always one of the best on the Strand.

Richard (Pittsboro, N.C.)


Green were wonderfully true, but often 'faster than a speeding bullet.' Great fun nevertheless.

Richard (Herndon, Va.)


This course used to be worth the premium green fees - no longer. They have been resting on their reputation for too long. For the $130+ green fees, I expect conditions to be way above average. The greens and fairways are in generally poor condition. You can find much better conditions for far less money. The layout and views are still great, but the golf isn't. Save some money and play elsewhere. Maybe then they will finally understand and maintain the course properly.

Craig (Toms River, N.J.)


The course was in great shape.

Dennis (Manasquan, N.J.)


A beautiful course with great views. In very good shape. A few of the par 3s can chew you up. A truly great experience.

Gareth (Newmarket, Ontario)


Best course in Myrtle Beach.

Sean (Rhinebeck, N.Y.)


Tidewater had a nice layout. Someone should have notified us that the greens were in such poor shape. For the price of the green fees, Tidewater under those conditions was not worth it!

Robert (Danville, Va.)


Golf fee too high compared with other golf courses in area - will not waste my money on this course again.

Alex (Oakwood, Va.)


Greens had been aerated about 1 week before visit and were in poor condition. They were very bumpy and extremely slow. This was disappointing because I was not informed of this when booking online and really took away from the round. However, the scenery and views from the course are unlike any of the other 30-40 courses I have played in the Myrtle Beach area. The course isn't the most challenging or interesting layout but it is by far the most scenic in the area.

Gary (Mansfield, Mass.)


Great track! Nice mix of marsh front and wooded holes. Challenging on the marsh with the wind blowing. Bag drop attendant (Jimmy) was outstanding. Very friendly, funny and cleaned our clubs better than anyone! We were unfortunately informed when we arrived that they were sanding the greens that morning! In fact, we had to wait for the crew to finish sanding the 18th green before we hit onto it. Wish we would have been informed when we booked the tee time. Greens were very slow as a result but the course was fun and in very good shape otherwise.

DJ (Cleveland, Ohio)


Breathtaking views and a great layout make Tidewater a must-play. Some of the greens could have been in better condition.

Joe (Chicago, Ill.)


Knew first-hand course wasn't in its usual top shape, but still enjoyable.

Tom (Palm Harbor, Fla.)


Very good course, well maintained, would play again.

Gary (New York, N.Y.)


Looooved Tidewater. Great course, great challenge.

Craig (Toms River, N.J.)


Played 5/16 and 5/18; tees a little shaggy, greens slower then usual but overall the course was great.

James (Christiansburg, Va.)


Great, will play again.

Brandon (Georgetown, Ky.)


This course was the bummer of the week for us. First off, the course was in rough shape relative to what shape it's usually in. I've been playing it since 1996 and this was the worst I've seen it. Fairways were thin, tee boxes dry and yellow looking. The WORST part of the course was the pace of play. 5 hrs. and 30 minutes to play and everyone could drive to their ball ... this should never happen unless it's cart path only. This was enough for us to never play it again. Too many nice courses down here that play at a normal pace. Tidewater proves that all they care about is getting golfers money and not the experience they have.

Bob (Egg Harbor Township, N.J.)


Just a great course - this course is one of the best in the area.

Art (Wilmington, Del.)


Green on #9 is like Augusta #16. Hole #18 is one of MB's hardest par 4's.

Kirk (Ottawa, Ontario)


Played on April 26th and April 29th.Very windy on the 26th. Excellent layout and very challenging from the appropriate tees. Beautiful design with every hole a challenge. Some great scenery. Always is windy on these coastal courses so bring your 'A' game. Know your distances to score well, so a GPS (especially on the par threes) is handy. Greens are hard and fast. Shots not hit to the proper spot (sometimes off the green) will run over the green. Fairways were hard and dry with some bare patches. Tee boxes were average condition at best. Staff and facilities were very good (range, etc.) but parking is restrictive. One of the best and most challenging courses in MB.

James (Nepean, Ontario)


This is my vote for the best course at MB.

Joe (Middletown, N.J.)


Altough ahead of schedule, we were constantly approached to remain moving by a couple of attendants.

Larry (Jewett City, Conn.)


Scenery, nice course, challenging, nice layout. Fun to play. Would go again.

Steve (Erie, Penn.)


One of the best layouts I have ever played. Everything was just excellent, the greens were the best.

Terry (Manteno, Ill.)


Great, but hard to play with wind.

Jack (Marlton, N.J.)


What a wonderful golf club - everything about it is top notch!

Azlan (Grimsby, Ontario)


Staff was great. However, course is overrated! It was in rough shape.

Randy (Ingleside, Ontario)


What a golf course ... have to get back to the practice range before playing again ... quite a test ... will be back.

Sandi (Sterling, Ill.)


Nice course. Greens were in great shape and very scenic. Lots of water so hit it straight and be safe. Very friendly staff.

Matt (Madison, Wis.)


Very accommadating staff. Courteous and informative.

Eric (Madison Heights, Va.)



Bernard (Howell, N.J.)


Tees were terrible, only saving grace were the views. Really need to spruce up the look of the course ... Not really sure it is comparable to Pebble Beach ... Come on now!

Ralph (Westminster, Md.)


Best course of the week.

Tim (Elkridge, Md.)


Got rained out after 4 holes. Course issued rain checks. I will play in summer when I return with the family.

Kevin (Pottstown, Penn.)


Unable to complete due to storms, but liked what I played.

John (West Springfield, Mass.)


Great condition, great service!

Mark (Westminster, Md.)


One of my favorite courses.

Rick (Mississauga, Ontario)


Awesome course.

Robert (Parkville, Md.)


Unfortunately, my foursome only played 7 holes before a heavy storm hit and caused the course to be closed. However, I am extremely pleased that the staff provided our entire group of 22 players with complete 18-hole rain checks.

Robert (Medford, N.J.)


Several great water holes.

Steven (Howell, N.J.)



Richard (Alpharetta, Ga.)


When played from the blue tees you will need to be quite long and accurate on many approach shots. Should have layed up more often. The greens were super, very smooth and true. Definitely a course I will try again on a visit to the Myrtle Beach area.

Cameron (Kenbridge, Va.)


This was my favorite course for the week. Great people to work with and challenging course. Well pleased.

Peter (Fairfield, Conn.)


The course was very wet and we did not finish (got a rain check). Fairways were very tight and when wet it made it very tough.



Very courteous, and with all the rain it was in great shape.



Great course.

Robert (Gambrills, Md.)


My first time at Tidewater, the course is beautiful and in excellent condition. Play was a little slow, we were frustrated at not being able to finish a replay round.

Eric (Thomasville, N.C.)


Course was in great shape. Great layout.

Doug & Yvonne (Hebron, Ky.)


Beautiful setting.

Paul (Cincinnati, Ohio)



Rocco (Auburn, Mass.)


Overseeding that day.





Jeffrey (White Plains, N.Y.)


Great shape.

Michael (Oceanport, N.J.)


One of the best layouts have ever played. Too bad I was not playing well. I will be back



Difficult course.

Terry (Salem, Conn.)


Excellent course - tough greens.

Jeffrey (Monroe, N.Y.)


course was in excellent condition and the green were the best i had played on. favorite holes were the par three over the marsh and the par four that runs along the marsh with green tucked into the marsh.only negative was the charge for range balls and no water on your cart. we played grand dunes and they did not charge for balls and had water on ice.both courses are run by same management company so i did not understand.



Best course I've ever played, but the tee yardage was not as indicated on the score card for the Blue tees.

Susan (Sugar Land, Tex.)


Wonderful course, beautiful views. Very playable but challenging!

Tim (New Philadelphia, Ohio)


Excellent layout, the only drawback that the grass on some of the greens was a little sparse. That is the only thing keeping this from being upper tier. Still a good course.





Played this course about two weeks ago, and the greens were in great condition and rolling pretty fast. I found that on many holes, keeping my approach shot to the green below the hole was crucial to avoid putting a down hill slider, or to have a chance in sinking that birdie putt. Overall this course was a blast to play, our entire group enjoyed Tidewater's natural beauty and beautiful holes along the water (bring a camera!) We also found that planning your shot off the tee was everything. To score well on this course you must put your tee shot in prime locations in order to set yourself up for a great second shot to the green. This may include taking many 3-4 irons off the tee. I loved the playability and condition of this course, not to mention their entire staff was excellent. I will definitely make it a point to play here again.



We were actually disappointed. The tees need work. Unfortunately many players do not fill fiarway divots or repair ball marks on the greens - push the use of sand. The layout remains great and very challenging.





Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.

David (Manchester CT)


First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.



Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.

David (Manchester CT)


First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.



Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.

David (Manchester CT)


First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.



Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.

David (Manchester CT)


First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.



Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.

David (Manchester CT)


First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.



Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.

David (Manchester CT)


First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.



Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.

David (Manchester CT)


First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.



Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.

David (Manchester CT)


First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.



Excellent course layout! conditions were much better than the last time we played it. would play again in the future. challenging with quick greens.

David (Manchester CT)


First time playing Tidewater. Course does live up to it's reputation. Beautiful layout, great staff and excellent conditions. The only complaint I could make was that the greens were slow, but it is January after all.

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