Is a Winter Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach a Good Idea?

Most golfers spend the early months of the year planning for a spring trip and that’s all good, but if the schedule allows, should you also be eying up the possibility of a quick jaunt to Myrtle Beach this winter?

Not to replace your regular golf vacation but a short trip that is in addition to your annual outing.

If you are looking for an excuse to take last-minute Myrtle Beach golf trip, here are few very good ones:

– Myrtle Beach’s legendary value is, if you can believe it, even better during the winter months. From January 1 through the middle of February is typically thePine Lakes Country Club slowest time of the year for golf, making a trip to the area even more enticing from a value perspective. This might be your chance to play Grande Dunes Resort Club (top photo), Pine Lakes Country Club (pictured right) and TPC Myrtle Beach all in one trip!

– Is the weather really good enough in Myrtle Beach to make a winter trip appealing? Yes, most of the time. With average high temperatures of 56 in January and 59 in February, it’s plenty warm enough to play golf, especially if you opt to walk. Best of all, since we are talking about a last-minute trip, you can monitor the 10 to 14-day forecast. If you have a good weather window – temperatures can soar into the 70s – come on down.

– Booking a trip on short notice has never been easier. You can secure great rates booking online via and, the area’s most trusted platforms, or through golf course websites. If the urge hits, you can book a tee time Thursday night, make the short drive, and be on the first tee Friday.

– If you live in the Carolinas, Virginia or Georgia, the drive is relatively short, making it easier logistically to pull off a two or three-day junket on short notice. Just as importantly, Myrtle Beach enjoys 50+ nonstop flights, many of them on low-cost carriers such as Spirit and Southwest airlines. Travel can be a prohibitive factor but Myrtle Beach is one of the game’s most accessible destinations, further highlighting its appeal.

– As we get older, nearly everything we do is planned well in advance, so take advantage of the opportunity to be spontaneous. A last-minute decision that leads to good times is a great way to start the year.

If you have a break in the schedule and the weather looks good, a quick trip to Myrtle Beach is a great way to start the New Year.

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