Good Eats Along The Marsh Walk: Creek Ratz Restaurant Review

When you roll up to a restaurant 12 deep without a reservation, are seated within minutes and they don’t care that you have a dog with you, well, you hit the darn jackpot.

When the food is universally loved and the service is perfect?

Yeah, that’s right. You’ve just walked into the Creek Ratz Fan Club.

A mid-May trip with a chunk of out-of-town family was among the entire crew’s highlights to our little neck of the woods. The aforementioned variables (including my sister-in-law’s blind pug – seriously) were all key factors. As was our spot all of 18 inches from the edge of the water on the back side of the restaurant.

The solo act playing back there was a nice touch, too. But we didn’t go there for music. We were ready to grub. The menu did its part via a nice variety.

Raw oysters and a Philly. A Shrimp Po Boy and blackened fish tacos. An order of Boom Boom shrimp and a flounder basket. Who knows how many hush puppies. All of it wondering was left wondering what happened to deserve this type of punishment. Throw in a more traditional burger for one friend of the fish and a couple kids meals for the littles and not a single inch of food was safe.

We did some work.

And here was the lemon on the seafood: The most expensive item for all this deliciousness chimed in at under $20 and almost all of it was south of $15.

If none of those things fit your fancy, you can also go the fried apps route (jalapeños, wings, pickle chips), hit up the loaded nachos, go with one of Creek Ratz’s oversized salads or dip into the pizza portion of the menu.

You won’t find a dud on any of the four pages of selections.

Don’t just take my word for it. Know that I polled 11 others simultaneously. How often are your parties of that size all walking away happy?

I’m willing to bet it’s pretty rare.

It’s only another reason the Creek Ratz fan club just got a little bigger.

Creek Ratz, on the quick
Location: 4065 Highway 17 Business, Murrells Inlet (Marshwalk)
Phone: 843.357.2891
On the web:

(Photos for this feature from Creek Ratz facebook page)