Golf Q&A with Meredith Kirk, Myrtle Beach Golf Ambassador & LPGA Teaching Professional

I frequently get questions sent to me via e-mail and social media accounts about golf instruction, golf course information, and practically all things Myrtle Beach related. I’m excited to be able to have a ‘Q & A’ available so more questions can be answered that may help you on your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation!

Robbie from Myrtle Beach asks:

Q: How do I get more power out of my driver?

A:  Hey Robbie! That is a great question that is often asked. Most recreational golfers use there driver up to 14 times in an 18-hole round of golf. That’s a lot of important strokes right there and you want to try to maximize the longest club in your bag to gain distance and position a good approach shot to the green, especially on those Par 5’s.

First thing I would do is drop back your right foot slightly at address. During your backswing make sure to turn your right side out of the way. You want to feel it behind you. This sets you up for a good wind up and load. Since the driver is the longest club in your bag (I call it the ‘Airbus’ Lol), you really want to utilize the length of the club with a nice wide arc. But, to achieve that wider arc, rotation and turn on the right side is crucial.

I would suggest swinging the club nice and easy feeling this new motion out first before hitting a ball. You may feel you are stretching a bit during the swing at first. That’s okay to feel that…it may be a new feeling for you. Swing 15-20 times and tee it up and give it a shot!

Bill from Massachusetts asks:

Q: Coming down to Myrtle Beach in April and am looking for some cool local bars/restaurants to hangout out with my group after golf. What would you suggest?

A: Hi Bill, I would suggest checking out Broadway at the Beach with your group. Broadway offers a variety of incredible selections of over 20 restaurants as well as light-bite eateries. Also, things kick up a notch in the evenings, post dinner. You can chill-lax listening to live music, watch the games with your group, have a good laugh at the comedy club, enjoy dueling pianos, or just enjoy a nice cold brew at Carolina Ale House. You guys will find everything you are looking for with food and entertainment at Broadway at the Beach.

Ward from Ohio asks:

Q: Coming down with the wives who also play golf, but they will want to take a day to shop (which we are not interested in). Where’s the best place for them to shop?

A: Ward, there is so much for the ladies to do while visiting Myrtle Beach, they will have a myriad of options. I would suggest they start at Tanger Outlets in North Myrtle Beach. Spend the morning enjoying the shops there-as there are many! Then, the ladies can head over the Lulu’s Restaurant about 2 miles north of Tanger Outlets and enjoy a fun and delicious lunch overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway at Barefoot Landing. Afterwards, they may enjoy the many shops and cute boutiques that are on site at Barefoot Landing. Following a day of shopping, they can conclude with a relaxing pedicure at Cinzia Spa located near Barefoot Landing and Tanger Outlets. No doubt-I guarantee they will certainly enjoy this fun ladies day itinerary!