Golf Q&A with Meredith Kirk, Myrtle Beach Golf Ambassador & LPGA Teaching Professional

I frequently get questions sent to me via e-mail and social media accounts about golf instruction, golf course information, and practically all things Myrtle Beach related. I’m excited to be able to have a ‘Q & A’ available so more questions can be answered that may help you on your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation!

Q: John T from Myrtle Beach asks…I’m an avid golfer and recently had multiple surgeries. I’m not sure if I will be able to swing the golf club like I did prior to these surgeries…is there any hope that I can return to the level of play that I once enjoyed?

A: Hey John! Good news…there is a great possibility that you can return to the level of play that you once had prior to your surgeries! First things first-always listen to your doctors and follow their protocol post-surgery. If you needed physical therapy post-surgery, then make sure to follow up on those appointments and stick to the recommended exercises that you have been prescribed.
Listen to your body. If something does not feel right, then stop and discuss it with your health care providers.
Once you are cleared to play golf again, I would encourage you to have a Physical Therapist and a Certified LPGA or PGA Golf Professional to help determine specific strengthening, stretching, conditioning routines, and a comfortable pre-shot routine that can be developed to correct and modify identified deficiencies in your post-surgery swing. All these factors combined will improve your biomechanics and ability to play golf again at your previous level of the game. Lastly, start with short game and work yourself up to long game.

Here is a recent success story from Steve Steinhilber in Atlanta, GA. He recently wrote to me about the success of his 72-year-old father who has rediscovered his swing after open heart surgery…you may find this encouraging!

“My father has played golf for over 50 years and was a teaching professional and high school golf coach in the state of Ohio for many years. He retired approximately 10 years ago and continues to play golf quite regularly. Over 2 years ago, my father had open heart surgery to replace his aorta. He is now back to playing golf every two days in Arizona during the winter and Ohio during the summer. The interesting thing is how he reinvented his golf swing. Prior to the open-heart surgery, he was hitting his driver approximately 210 yards and had a handicap around 12 to 15. After the surgery, he quickly recognized that his traditional stance (feet aligned to the target) hurt his chest when he swung. To compensate, he narrowed his stance and dropped his right back foot back significantly in his stance (he is right-handed). One would think that this would cause him to draw or hook the ball. However, it’s significantly changed his golf game for the good – accuracy and distance. The modified stance has now allowed him to gain more shoulder rotation, increased distance on his driver and irons (at least 40 yards on his drive) and he lowered his handicap down to a 6, as of several months ago.

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