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by Ian Guerin

Barefoot Resort Club Dye Club

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. | We’re not bred to go all-out on the golf course. Frankly, 18 holes is too much for most folks, and more and more are preferring the nine-hole quickie rounds as part of their routine. Still, some are here for the long haul. But how exactly do those of you knocking out two full rounds in a single day decide where to begin? Welcome to your guide book.  We’ve made a few assumptions. First, that you weren’t interested in driving all over creation to get from one course to the next; all of these pairings are within five miles of each other. Second, we know you weren’t looking to break the bank in one day. All of these duos match either a budget-friendly round with a high-end one or a two mid-range courses. And lastly, we didn’t want you to feel like you were playing two tracks with even somewhat similar feels. Let your jam-packed and diverse day on the courses begin.


Start your double-up here with a course supported by a college and another designed by a man who helped start his illustrious career by playing college rounds here. At the General James Hackler Course at Coastal Carolina, the PGA Golf Management program plays a large role in operations. It has set itself apart by relying on those students to keep it more than viable. Just 3.9 miles away, the famed King’s North track at Myrtle Beach National boasts the Arnold Palmer name and 18 holes where it’s hard to decide on even a top five.


Also just 3.9 miles away from each other (note the developing trend), Arrowhead Country Club and World Tour Golf Links couldn’t look much different from each other. The latter is a replica course that took nearly a decade to develop, its holes mimicking some of the most famous the sport has ever known – from Augusta National to Oakmont, St. Andrews to Winged Foot. Arrowhead, meanwhile, is a compilation of three nines laid out by Raymond Floyd and Tom Jackson that will weave you in and out of every environment Myrtle Beach golf has become known for.

WILLBROOK / LITCHFIELDWillbrook Plantation Golf Club

We wrap up our trio of pairings that stand 3.9 miles away from each other (we told you) by linking Willbrook Plantation and Litchfield Country Club. And with these two, the only thing you’re going to relate between the two are some of the oldest tree lines in the area and a whole bunch of history. Willbrook and its Dan Maples layout tie together two former plantation properties. Litchfield, designed by Willard Byrd, proved itself when others in the area weren’t even an inkling in their founders’ eyes. Together, they have stood the test of time.


No one, and we do mean no one, would ever pit Possum Trot against Dye Club in a head-to-head draw. One is a learner’s paradise while the latter is among the creme de la creme of Myrtle Beach golf annually renowned on national airwaves. But believe us when we tell you there is value to cutting your teeth on the much more friendly environment at Possum Trot before delving into one of Myrtle Beach’s big dogs at Dye. Before hitting up the latter, go fine-tune your stroke at the laid-back track 4.4 miles to the north.


Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links is relatively landlocked. Until, you know, it isn’t. The great visuals on No. 17 prop you front and center with the Intracoastal Waterway. The last hole of the day leads you right up to the north-south thoroughfare while giving you everything you’d want out of the course. River Hills doesn’t wait that long. The Tom Jackson layout here leaves you wondering how many balls you still have left in your bag amid a design that includes water aspects on nearly every hole.

Ian Guerin is a DJ and freelance writer based in Myrtle Beach. You can follow him on Twitter @iguerin and Facebook

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