Charlie Rymer of Golf Channel Reveals His 5 Favorite Myrtle Beach Designs

Studio Host:                      18 minutes past the hour, today’s summer swing focus is on the state of South Carolina. From the cliffs in the western part of the state to the ocean course on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the state has played host to major championships, The Ryder Cup. South Carolina was the eighth state to ratify The Constitution. Was also the first state to vote in favor of succession in 1816. Was readmitted to the United States after the Civil War in 1868.

Studio Host:                      It also has a history of producing great golfers including a product of Fort Mill, who is home again with his running mate. I don’t know if you know this Damon but he is featured in the Rock Hill Mall as well, that’s Charlie Rymer.

Damon:                               Absolutely G-Dub, also a member of the South Carolina Golf Hall of Fame. Aren’t you big time?

Charlie:                               I certainly am a proud member of the South Carolina Golf Hall of Fame.

Damon:                               Such a great state.

Charlie:                               It certainly is. A lot of fun to be back here in Myrtle Beach, getting some of that home cooking.

Damon:                               We got some Chamber of Commerce weather on this Thursday now. We’re going to put you on the spot here because you’ve played a lot of golf in this state. A lot of golf in Myrtle Beach. I want your top five and I imagine it’s difficult to put together, this list.

Charlie:                               It’s really. Who’s your favorite of your triplets.

Damon:                               Well you can’t say.

Charlie:                               You can’t do it. Yeah, so.

Damon:                               It’s a no win situation.Tidewater Golf Club

Charlie:                               We’re in a beautiful golf course Grant Dunes right behind us. So what I’ve done is I’ve got five really great golf courses I have sort of an emotional attachment to. We’re going to start way up north and we’re going to Oyster Bay. A Dan Maples golf course that opened about 1984. The first time I played this golf course I think I was probably about 17, 18 years old. It was the first golf course that I’d seen in my life that I thought was really, really fun. It’s just a neat … I mean look at that Damon, it’s just a fun, fun golf course. If you’re ever in the area you got to get up north and try and play that one.

Damon:                               Nice.

Charlie:                              Okay now we’re going to go more towards the central area of Myrtle Beach. This is Dye Course at Bearfoot Resort. They got a lot of great golf at Barefoot. But the Dye Course to me is a really neat place because that’s the home of Hootie & The Blowfish Monday after The Master’s Pro-Am which every year in South Carolina it’s the largest single day fundraiser. And I participated in all of those except for one going back over the years. A beautiful Pete Dye golf course.

Charlie:                               And then Tidewater is again up on the north side. This is in the Cherry Grove area. You can see just how beautiful it is. Some wonderful views there. I’m actually part of a foundation here at Myrtle Beach called the Gene’s Dream Foundation. We raise money for junior golf causes to honor our late friend Gene Weldon. And their hosting an event there, Tidewater, for us next month.

Charlie:                               And then more back to the central area, The Dunes. It is … and you’ve played The Dunes.

Damon:                               Yes. I have.

Charlie:                               This for a long time hosted the old PGA Tour qualifying school. PGA Tour Championship has been here. This is a Robert Trent Jones beauty. It just has an amazing feel to it, really, really an amazing golf course. Probably consistently ranked number one in the area.

Charlie:                               And then we want to go down south now and check out Caledonia. This is Mike Strantz’s masterpiece, the late Mike Strantz. It has the best entrance in golf, maybe including Augusta National

Damon:                               Wow.

Charlie:                               It is a wonderful spot. It’s one of those golf courses Damon where it really is a walk in a beautiful garden. Really good golf course but just a beautiful place. We do some fundraising here for the First Tee of Myrtle Beach. Every year they allow us to have this golf course free of charge. That really helps the First Tee of Myrtle Beach. The golf community gets behind the First Tee here and the folks down at Caledonia do a wonderful job of helping us out with that.

Charlie:                               But that’s five really good golf courses right there for you Damon.Caledonia Golf and Fish Club

Damon:                               It’s a great list. You know it’s interesting as I get older when I travel I want to bring my wife and I want to bring my boys along with me. So I went for a jog yesterday and I saw a big Ferris wheel which leads me to the question. Great golf destination, what about a family destination?

Charlie:                               A big Ferris wheel, they sure do have a big Ferris wheel. There’s so much to do here for the whole family. There’s almost so much to do that you forget about the beach. It’s called The Grand Strand for a reason. This beach is wide and it’s beautiful. There’s plenty of room. It’s a lot warmer here in the winter time than a lot of people might think. You can catch some great weather January, February. For the kids, I know you like putt putt.

Damon:                               I do.

Charlie:                               We got amazing golf here. We got amazing putt putt here too. There’s nothing more fun than going out there like a really cool putt putt on the side of a volcano, someone would crash their airplanes in it. I love that. We got some wonderful food here as well. But there’s something here for the entire family.

Damon:                               Love it. Putt putt course, my only chance to break 80 these days Charlie.

Charlie:                               I don’t know they’re pretty tough around here Damon.

Damon:                               They are pretty tough. Good information from the big timer, send it back to Gary.

Studio Host:                      Alright, putt putt and hush puppies. That’s a good night for Charlie Rymer. Now we go back inside the-

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