Best Hibachi On The Grand Strand

Drive 5-10 minutes through any of the tourist stretches of South Carolina’s Grand Strand and you’ll run into a hibachi restaurant.

They’re as prevalent as the beachwear stores in some spots.

We’ve asked ‘Why?’. Trust us.

The answers all point to demand. And the competition between them only seems to make them stronger. But they’re not all cut from the same cloth.

Five have given us reason to not only love what they put in our stomachs, but also to return each time we get the hankering for freshly cooked proteins alongside rice and veggies.

If presentation matters – and it always does when it comes to hibachi – Hachiya checks all the boxes. The staff here doesn’t simply throw what they made in front of you onto the plate and call it a day, especially when the high-end items like lobster tails, sushi rolls or filet mignon are factored into the equation. (Top photo and pictured right)Best Hibachi

We can’t promise a lot. But we’ll make this claim boldly. You’re going to get done eating take-out hibachi from Jo out of a Styrofoam container and either ask yourself why they didn’t charge more or what you need to do to become a regular. Jo is a mainstay in downtown Conway for the city and county employees who’ve long since discovered this absolute gem.

Look, we understand your reservation. It’s next to Coastal Grande Mall, squeezed between a Dick’s Sporting Goods and an Old Navy. Now, put those reservations on hold and make one of your own. Lil Tokyo doesn’t mess around with its portions or quality. Also – and this is a big one – the place is huge. Wait times are next to nil. Makes it hard to argue with the production.

Absent the flat-top cooking scene, Sugami is doing its magic in the back. But it is still magic, nonetheless. From the Tuna Martini to the large scores of sushi options, Sugami spreads the wealth across Japanese cuisine better than most. And if you’re wanting to go back to the old standby, the hibachi combo plates will come out steaming hot and ready for consumption.

One of Broadway at the Beach’s prime dinner spots has dipped and dived through the pandemic. Its popularity has not. Yamato’s all-encompassing dinner menu includes soup, shrimp appetizers, veggies, rice, and protein selections that range from chicken to beef to mahi mahi to scallops to combinations of any of the above.