A Few Minutes with South Carolina’s Bryan Brothers

Meredith:            We are so excited that you’re out here again. Once again, this is not your first time being out here right?

George:               It’s my third, I believe.

Meredith:            Third?

George:               I played when I was 14 and then last- or, three years ago we played nine holes.

Wesley:                Yeah, we’re grizzled vets.

George:               Yeah, we’ve camped, played out here.

Wesley:                It’s like third or fourth.

George:               A whole bunch of times.

Meredith:            Oh yeah? Well you guys have done some really cool trick shots out here, as well. Are you still doing that? Are you still in the trick shot business?

George:               Not as much trick shots. It’s just normal-

Wesley:                It’s more of like a lifestyle-

George:               Yeah.

Wesley:                Social brand. I got a little busy with my playing schedule.

George:               Yeah.

Wesley:                And George got busy with his.

George:               Yeah.

Meredith:            But do you ever just at night, in between your rounds, you just come up with some new tricks and stuff? Is that what y’all do?

Wesley:                That’s what we did.

George:               But we would just show up on the golf course and like, “Oh let’s try this.” We never-

Wesley:                We’re more of the creative geniuses.

George:               Yeah.

Meredith:            Okay.

Wesley:                So when we’d have to do it on the spot, we’d ad-lib a lot of stuff.

George:               Yeah.

Meredith:            Gotcha, all right.

Well you guys are Carolina boys. You love South Carolina here. Tell us a little bit about what you love about Myrtle Beach. Not just Man, coming out here and playing an event, but other courses you like to play.

George:               Well, my wife is from Myrtle Beach, so I think that’s what takes the cake, and is my number one.

Meredith:            Oh, yeah, exactly.

George:               Her family lives- I think they’re coming out, but they live 10 minutes from here.

Meredith:            Oh, okay.

George:               And now I’m like a Myrtle Beachian or whatever.

Meredith:            Yeah, okay. I like that.

Wesley:                Yeah, he’s a half-breed.

Meredith:            You’re a half-breed. That’s right, you are actually now a half-breed.

George:               Yeah, yeah.

Wesley:                Beach, golf, two of my favorite things. So whenever you can combine the two, it’s a good destination.

Meredith:            Okay, do you like the beach better? Or the inter-coastal? Because one time I was interviewing Dustin Johnson, he said inter-coastal.

George:               Beach.

Wesley:                Beach.

Yeah, he was more of a coastal guy, anyways.

Meredith:            Yeah, he’s more on that side.

Wesley:                Right, he’s on the other side.

Meredith:            Okay, yeah.

Wesley:                But yeah, I’m just straight on the beach, just gimme a Piña Colada and-

Meredith:            There you go.

Wesley:                A tub of sunscreen, and I’m good.

Meredith:            So there’s lots of reasons to come to Myrtle Beach, people! You can have a Piña Colada on the beach, come out and see these guys maybe, if you’re lucky, on the beach. But also you can come join us as Man and have a great time.

So thanks so much for your time.

George:               Thank you.

Meredith:            And I’m gonna watch you guys tee-off here.

George:               All right.

Wesley:                All right.

Meredith:            I know your games are on.

George:               I don’t know if you want to.

Wesley:                Yeah, I don’t know about all that.

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