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Episode #8: Year in Review: Myrtle Beach's Best Stories in 2019 12/20/2019

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We share our best stories featured on from 2019. Engaging topics ranging from course rankings to unveiling new non-stop flight services to the Golf Capital of the World.

Myrtle Beach Golf Contributing Writers:

Chris King

Ian Guerin

1:46       #7 Start Dates for Myrtle Beach’s 60 Nonstop Flights in 2020 unveiled

4:25       #6 Experts Debate: Myrtle Beach’s Most Underrated Course

6:04       #5 Five Prettiest Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

8:43       #4 Myrtle Beach Golf Professional’s Survey Courses 1-5

11:00     #3 Five Easiest Golf Courses According to the USGA

16:48     #2 Nine Must-Play Myrtle Beach Golf Courses for 2019

20:25     #1 Here Are the Five Most Overlooked Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Also referenced in this podcast are the Ten Must-Play Myrtle Beach Golf Courses for 2020

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