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Episode #44: Dramatic Changes Coming to Grande Dunes Resort Club 03/21/2022

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LPGA Instructor Meredith Kirk speaks with Grande Dunes Resort Club’s General Manager Joe Dipre about the exciting changes that are coming to one of Myrtle Beach’s best designs

Show Notes/Time Stamp

To :21    IntroductionJoe Dipre at Grande Dunes Resort Club

:22         Current conditions and scope of the project & dates

1:07       How the changes will affect golfers and play.

3:20       Bunker upgrades & why they will be better

4:53       Clubhouse renovations

6:28       Ownership’s commitment to reinvesting & other recent course upgrades

8:31       Projected opening date

9:24       Shrinking greens and making them biggerGrande Dunes Resort Club

12:11     6 Joe Paces and the biggest green change

13:22     How to book for upcoming fall season

14:37     Past course upgrade experiences. Contingency plans, cautions with weather set backs

16:40     Spring golf at Grande Dunes Resort Club


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