4 Holes at Grande Dunes Resort Club That Drive Your Score

At just shy of 6,300 yards and a wide-open terrain to take your hacks, Grande Dunes Resort Club and its popular layout has become a potential scoring boon for players who make the right moves.

But we’ve found that these holes give you the best chance at a lower figure.
All four include a risk, and, of course, a reward. But it may not necessarily be where you think.

NO. 3, PAR 4, 378 YARDSGrande Dunes Resort Club 3rd Hole
This hole in a lot of ways is the microcosm of the Roger Rulewich Group M.O. The massive fairway allows players to put a little more zest into their tee shot. But, truth be told, it’s not necessary. If you can get a 225-yard poke with the first shot, you’re going to have a clean and direct look at the green from 150 or less. So, while most Par 4s require two good opening shots to flirt with bogey, you can do it here with one decent shot and another good one. (pictured right)

NO. 6, PAR 4, 305 YARDS
You don’t even need to necessarily muscle up in an effort to take advantage of a stiff backside breeze or pray for a favorable run off the bounce to reach in regulation. Grande Dunes’ shortest Par 4 is all about one one thing: A large bunker smack dab in the middle of the fairway. Carry that bunker and chances are you’re going be hitting a pitch shot into a wide-open green that funnels toward the flag on most days.

NO. 13, PAR 5, 499 YARDS
Next to no one is going to be reaching the green here in two. Even the biggest hitters aren’t going to flirt with it, since they’re likely going to be playing from the further tees. But where those who can avoid the water in front and behind the biggest portion of fairway grass and make up some ground is with a solid approach shot on the third. Given a clear look and the potential for a good roll, a one-putt short birdie is within range.(top photo)

NO. 17, PAR 5, 477 YARDSGrande Dunes Resort Club 17th Hole
If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to go for broke. The final Par 5 of the day rewards players who can drop the hammer with even moderate precision. And much like No. 13, reaching the green in two isn’t easy – nor should it be expected. But getting close and then punching close to the flag is certainly possible. What’s important to remember is that most who add strokes here do so because of a massive shank. Keep it in the good stuff, and you’re in business.(pictured right)

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