You Asked, We Answer: Should I Book a Spring 2021 Golf Trip?

While much of America is in the throes of winter, the start of the spring golf season is rapidly approaching. The rollout of the covid-19 vaccine will hopefully put the nation on firmer footing in the near future, but as group leaders begin planning their spring trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C., here are the questions we are being asked most often:Golfers Teeing Off

Are the enhanced sanitation protocols instituted by Founders Group International and many other courses at the outset of the pandemic still in place?
Yes, they are. Groups can participate in FGI’s “park and play” program, meaning they never have to go in the clubhouse. Rakes still aren’t being used in bunkers, pool noodles are in the hole, meaning you don’t have to touch the flag stick, and carts are thoroughly cleaned after each use. Golf has provided a refuge from covid-19 and that has certainly been the case here in Myrtle Beach as courses continue to take precautions.

Are single-rider carts available?
If availability allows, there may be an opportunity for a single-rider cart but they aren’t guaranteed. For golfers who don’t want to share a cart, walking is now allowed at all 21 Founders Group International courses and many other area layouts.

Are clubhouses open?
Yes, clubhouses are open but masks are typically required for entry. Golfers that are comfortable being inside will find pro shops full of the latest apparel and restaurants ready to serve your group.

Is Myrtle Beach “open?” Myrtle Beach National Golf Club Clubhouse
Yes, all businesses are open and inside dining is permitted throughout the area. Mask usage and social distancing are obviously encouraged but Myrtle Beach is absolutely open. Many restaurants have expanded their outside seating (which is great in the spring) and offer much more robust takeout and delivery options.

How prevalent is the virus in Myrtle Beach?
We seem to have weathered the second wave here in Myrtle Beach and numbers are falling, so those are good things. Nobody is declaring victory, but with responsible behavior and declining numbers, hopefully golfers can reclaim the spring golf trip everyone lost in 2020.

Should you take a Myrtle Beach golf trip this spring?
That’s a question only you and your friends can answer. Everyone has a different level of comfort with traveling. Based on what happened in the fall and the early booking for the spring, there are a substantial number of people who feel good about taking a golf trip. But there are many golfers, for a variety of reasons, who are understandably not comfortable with the idea. Here is what I can tell you: golf courses continue to work hard to provide a safe environment, as do hotels and golf course condo rental companies. If you are ready to take a trip this spring, we will welcome you with open arms. If, for whatever the reasons, you aren’t ready to travel, we understand and hope to see you as soon as you are able to hit the road again!

Stay safe and hit’em straight.