You Aren’t One of These People, Are You? Five Most Annoying Types of Golfers to Play With

There is no such thing as a bad round of golf, especially if you are on a trip to Myrtle Beach, but there are playing partners who can take a little bit of the fun out of the day.

If you are looking to avoid people who can be a drag, here are the five most annoying types of golfers to play with.

Mr. Anger Management
The first one is easy. No one enjoys playing with the guy who consistently blows his stack. We all get frustrated, everyone understands that, but the guy who sends clubs hurtling down the fairway and curses his fate with every wayward shot isn’t fun. Anyone who is consistently angry can find another group to play with.

The 15 who thinks he is a 5
Delusional golfers, of which there are many, can be difficult to play with. Take for instance the 15 handicap who waits for the green to clear so he can try and hit a 230-yard shot over water in hopes of setting up an eagle. When the ball ends up wet, he seems genuinely amazed and spends the next 10 minutes explaining why it happened. You missed it because you attempted a 1-in-a-100 shot! Nobody needs to relive that shot and there is a certain type of golfer who will do it multiple times a round. You made a bad decision; don’t try to rationalize it.

Pace of play – you can’t escape it!
How long it takes to play is a regular talking point among golfers, and we have the unique ability to be aggravated by people on both ends of the spectrum. The most obvious person to avoid is the guy who makes Kevin Na look fast. Whether he takes forever to get to his ball, dithers trying to select a club, or stands over a one-foot putt like his life depended on it, we all hate to play with slow players. But there is a flip side of the coin. Equally aggravating is the guy who incessantly complains about pace of play while reminding you he plays in 3:30 at home. If that’s how fast you want to play, stay at home! Resort golf and buddies trips will always be a little slower. If you finish in 4:15-4:30, enjoy the golf and the company.

It’s always about me
Golf is a social game. The opportunity to hang out with friends and tell stories is part of its appeal, but you never want to play with the guy who can’t talk about anything but himself. You know the type. Over four hours, it’s beyond grating.

The guy who wants to win at all cost
Last but certainly not least, playing with someone you have to watch like a hawk to ensure the rules of the game are upheld isn’t enjoyable. Competition is part of the fun but winning or losing isn’t that important. Playing with someone who is willing to cheat (or sandbag) to win a $2 Nassau is a nonstarter.

These types of golfers are the exception but avoid them when you can.