Oops! Our Video Bloopers from 2017

Meredith:           I’m gonna give you a drill that’s going to help pre-round warming up the …

I’m gonna give you a pre-round drill that’s gonna be great to warm up your core. Oh my gosh.

Joining me today is first assistant golf professional, Blake Lankdreth.  Thank you so much for joining us, Blake.

Blake:                    Any time.

Meredith:           Yeah. And thhis is … Blah, blah, blah. I said your last name wrong.

Blake:                    It’s okay.

Meredith:           Let’s talk a little bit about the Nicklaus design and some of our signature holes … Holes here … Bleh, hah, hm!

We are at TPC Myrtle Beach and joining me today is Chad Sullivan, first golf assistant …

We are at TPC M-…

We are at the Founders Club in Pawleys Island …

We are at the beautiful River … I do it? Yeah, I always do it on the first.

We are the Long Bay Club, located on the northern end of the … Along the … Oh my gosh!

We are at Tradition Golf Club today. Ugh.

This is just an amazing course, and it’s really unique, because you have so many different style holes here.

Kurtis:                   Yes, we do.

So basic-

Meredith:           You can play golf all day long.

Ryan:                     It’s true! I mean, 36 holes of fun.

Meredith:           Exactly.

Ryan:                     But then, Arthur Hills came in and redesigned it. Kinda made it more of a … Yeah. I’m gonna cut that one.

Meredith:           Okay.

I am with head g- … Oh my gosh.

Choke down, square shoulders. Here we go. That was awful! I couldn’t! (Laughing). I can’t do that. There’s no way I can show that.

Meredith:           Oh gosh. (Laughs). Oh my gosh, that was awful.