Meredith Speaks With NFL Great Sterling Sharpe

Meredith:                           I’m so sad. Sterling Sharpe, he did not … He almost passed me up for an interview.

Sterling Sharpe:                Yes, I did. Yes, I did.

Meredith:                           My feelings are so hurt.

Sterling Sharpe:                That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to hurt feelings.

Meredith:                           Listen, I’ve actually interviewed you here before.

Sterling Sharpe:                Yes.

Meredith:                           Mann. Everybody loves you.

Sterling Sharpe:                No.

Meredith:                           Such a nice guy, even though you’re a little bit of a tease.

Sterling Sharpe:                Okay, I gotta change that. Okay, I gotta change that. I’m gonna change that.

Meredith:                           Look at those muscles.

Sterling Sharpe:                No, that is not … No.

Meredith:                           He still has these beefy muscles.

Sterling Sharpe:                I got on three shirts, it’s cold.

Meredith:                           All right. So do tell me, what is your favorite thing about Mann, and what do you love about Myrtle Beach?

Sterling Sharpe:                The folks who come out and support what Darius and the boys are doing. They’ve done this for so long, and they’re very good at it. Knowing them for as long as I have and being able to come out here, I get my first chance to play with Billy Kratzert, he’s my pro and he’s a lot of fun. It’s just a great atmosphere to come and play golf.

Meredith:                           It is. And what is your favorite thing about Myrtle Beach in general, outside of Mann?

Sterling Sharpe:                The golf. They’ve got some really good courses. Got a chance to play Tidewater.

Meredith:                           Oh, nice.

Sterling Sharpe:                Got a chance to play TPC. Played the Norman, loved.

Meredith:                           What did you think about TPC?

Sterling Sharpe:                I loved it. It’s got a couple of holes that I would redo over, but other than that, it’s a great experience.

Meredith:                           Yeah, TPC is great. That course right now, love it.

Sterling Sharpe:                Yes, yes.

Meredith:                           It’s a fantastic shape. So yeah, a lot of great courses here.

Sterling Sharpe:                Mm-hmm.

Meredith:                           Thanks for your time, and thanks for coming out here and doing what you do.

Sterling Sharpe:                You are very welcome. This is a lot of fun.

Meredith:                           Oh yeah, it’s a blast.

Sterling Sharpe:                And I get to be interviewed by you for a second time. Three-peat next year, ladies and gentlemen. Three-peat.

Meredith:                           Yes, you heard it. I’m gonna keep you on that.

Sterling Sharpe:                Then I’m with you.

Meredith:                           All right.