How to Make Birdie on True Blue’s Unforgettable 10th Hole

My name is Bart Romano. I’m the PGA head professional here at True Blue Golf Club. Today, we’re on the 10th hole, the par five starting hole. Obviously we double tee here at True Blue. You start on one and 10, the dogleg right. It’s actually a great warm-up hole, playing it safe off the tee. Plenty of fairway as you can see to hit the ball. It requires a lay-up shot for true three shot par five. Depending how aggressive you are off the tee, you can leave a little longer lay-up shot and do your third into the green on the 10th hole. It’s very visibly intimidating more than anything but it’s not really a long shot. The fairway bunkers cut across the fairway. They’re very visible, very high, going to raise up. It’s a little scary shot but in reality there’s a hundred yards of fairway on either side of the bunker. After a successful lay-up shot, it’s going to leave you a wedge to a nine iron into the green from about a hundred to about a hundred and thirty yards. The green is fronted by a large green side bunker and a marsh area. Depending on the pin location it could be a difference of 20 to 25 yards to set you up for your birdie putt. We hope to see you soon here at True Blue Golf Club. Thank you. Have a great day.

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