Top 10 Reasons Myrtle Beach is Golf’s Premier Vacation Destination

As group leaders plan a vacation, many variables factor into deciding where their group will go. Number of golfers, budget, the importance of high-profile layouts, and what there is to do off the course are just a few of the data points that can impact a group’s destination of choice.

The one constant over the last 50 years of golf travel has been Myrtle Beach’s place at the top of market. While an elitist media fawns over layouts that extort $350 (or more) per round from players, Myrtle Beach continues to focus on delivering golf vacations that offer premier layouts and value that all players can enjoy.

With that in mind, here are 10 reasons Myrtle Beach is golf’s most popular destination.

1. Ninety golf courses. From Founders Club in Pawleys Island to Carolina National across the state line in North Carolina, Myrtle Beach has a combination of quality and quantity that can’t be matched. Put another way, you could take a 4-night, 4-round trip to Myrtle Beach for 22 years without playing the same course twice.

2. Those 90 golf courses provide Myrtle Beach the rare ability to be all things to all people. Want to play Top 100 golf courses and eat at a steakhouse (New York Prime) that’s been called the best in the Southeast while enjoying luxury accommodations? Myrtle Beach has you covered. Conversely, if your group is looking for a 4-night, 4-round trip in the neighborhood of $400, the Grand Strand can deliver on that experience as well. No matter what you are looking for, you can’t beat the value in Myrtle Beach.

3. The concept of the stay-and-play golf package was invented and perfected in Myrtle Beach. The people who book your golf package live and play here, and they are committed to ensuring you have the best experience possible. Myrtle Beach is the home of the modern golf trip and that’s due in no small part to the people who expertly help you build your trip.

4. The allure of America’s coastal beauty is powerful, and Myrtle Beach has a surplus of it. For golfers from land-lockedareas, it’s hard to beat the Intracoastal Waterway views at Grande Dunes Resort Club or the six holes at Pawleys Plantation that play along a tidal marsh, just to name a few. The area’s natural landscape is a significant part of its appeal.

5. Golf is a game’s that venerates its heroes and with courses designed by the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Gary Player, Pete Dye, Tom Doak and Mike Strantz, this is a place you can experience the work of legends.

6. A trip is about more than just what happens on the course and the Myrtle Beach dining scene, which is criminally underrated, will add to the enjoyment of your vacation. Matching the diversity of Myrtle Beach’s golf course offerings, area restaurants range from a place to grab wings and a couple beers to fresh locally sourced seafood, prime steak and much more.

7. The good times in Myrtle Beach are only just beginning when the final putt drops. The area’s legendary nightlife and seemingly never-ending list of attractions means you can have enough fun for two trips.

8. Myrtle Beach International Airport is home to more direct flights and lower average fares than any airport in South Carolina. With easy access via car and non-stop flights from more than 50 destinations, the area is among the most accessible in golf travel.

9. Golf is a notoriously stuffy game (sorry, the reputation is warranted in some corners of the industry) but this is the game’s most welcoming destination. Myrtle Beach has something for every golfer and looks forward to welcoming players of all stripes.

10. Myrtle Beach is the home of public golf in America (see point No. 9) and the area dominates every list of South Carolina’s best public courses. Nine of the Palmetto State’s top 15 public courses are located along the Myrtle Beach golf scene, according to Golfweek, highlighting the depth of the area’s offerings.

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