Restaurant Review: 44 & King

Not long after 44 & King opened its doors, I was invited to a business meeting at the then-new joint. It was good. Better than good.
But more importantly, I noticed it was only the beginning.

When I returned for a third time recently, it was no longer the blueprint for a great restaurant and bar. It was a great restaurant and bar.

Following some design tinkering and execution that took advantage of the adjacent courtyard, 44 & King is now exactly what I’d hoped it would become. The environment now matches the menu, and with a location (duh, at 44th Avenue North and King’s Highway in Myrtle Beach city limits) that is not only centrally located by easily accessible from the north or sound end via U.S. 31, it is welcoming for all comers.

We’re here to tell you why it should end up on your short list during your Myrtle Beach golf vacation. It’s not just about the comfortable seating options, indoors or out.

I’m a junkie for a good charcuterie board. I’ll proudly admit it. Always made me feel like I could go wild and not feel like a glutton (low levels of breads, I guess).

44 & King’s version is pretty spectacular both times I’ve had it. Fresh doesn’t feel like strong enough a word for the cheese, meat, fruits and other randomness that was on the tray. It all worked together perfectly.

Just start with that and thank us later.

You need somewhere to go from there, a meal.

If you’re not ready to expand the belt just yet. Hit up the Chicken BLT wrap. Want a good endorsement? I can’t stand mayonnaise. And the pesto mayo here is still delicious. It connects the dots between the chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato.

And for those not faint of heart? It’s time to summon your courage and order the pit sampler: Brisket, ribs, chicken and chopped pork, all on the same oversized plate with some small sides – not that you’ll need them. As a kid who grew up on KC barbecue and expanded his BBQ pallet in Texas and now South Carolina, this is one of the best options on the beach.

If you’re a bourbon and ginger fan (or just one of straight ginger ale – hello, readers under the age of 21), 44 & King makes their own version of the soda. It’s got a nice spice to it and you can tell it’s not just sitting around in containers in the back for months on end. The ginger ale is a nice touch, even if it’s not a focal point.

An extensive house-made cocktail menu from the wrap-around bar that is typically staffed more than necessary gives you choices at the start. Craft beer selections from around the Carolinas and beyond provide even more. Heck, 44 & King even has tap wine. Yeah, we didn’t know it existed, either.
It all completes the blueprint.

Address: 515 44th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach
Phone: 843.626.5464

(All photos from 44 & King’s Facebook Page)