Lion’s Paw Golf Links

Described as golf architect Willard Byrd’s penultimate design, Lion’s Paw Golf Links has received praise from Golf Digest, which has ranked this course as a four-star “Places to Play”, and has been a routine member of the magazine’s “Top 50 Myrtle Beach Courses.” Golf Shop Operations also rated the Lion’s Paw clubhouse it shares with Panther’s Run as one of “America’s 100 Best Golf Shops” four consecutive years. Home to Tamer’s Lounge, players get a most memorable “19th hole” experience.

The layout features MiniVerde greens protected by deep sugar-sanded bunkers, and an open, hilly landscape to help separate itself from the other Big Cat courses at Ocean Ridge Plantation. Thrilling scenery comes with the Lion’s Paw package, as 15 holes incorporate some element of water, and some of those creeks and lake beds are lined with native oyster shells. Measuring as long as 7,003 yards or as short as 5,363 yards, Lion’s Paw offers a broad range of playability for all skill levels.

The highlight of the course is the ultra-difficult par-4 No. 4. The 428-yard hole requires a stellar tee shot onto a mounded fairway. Succeed in missing a bunker and the water on the right, and the approach opens ever so slightly before funneling back down toward the green. The back nine opens with arguably the course’s most strategic hole. No. 10, a 400-yard par 4, includes a stream that cuts through the hole not once, but twice. Miss the fairway landing area, and the strokes can add up quickly.

Located just across the state line in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C., Lion’s Paw is just a short drive north on U.S. 17 from downtown Myrtle Beach.


Lion’s Paw Golf Links Course Course Reviews

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Date Played: 10/23/2023
100 0

Enjoyable, beautifully laid out, well kept course, staff was very friendly, club house facility very nice.


Date Played: 10/06/2023
100 0

Great course Staff was very friendly and helpful. greens and fairways were in super shape. Watch out for number 10


Date Played: 04/03/2023
100 0

Very nice layout and the course was in good shape overall but the greens were not. Sparse and when there was grass it was full of poanna.


Date Played: 07/03/2019
100 0

Nice course, greens were a bit bumpy but overall course conditions were good.


Date Played: 10/19/2016
100 0

Great course.


Date Played: 08/18/2016
100 0

Long, difficult course. Ignore prior reviews, the course was in excellent shape especially the greens.


Date Played: 05/23/2016
100 0

Greens were horrendous. They should warn people that you can not putt.


Date Played: 05/18/2016
100 0

The greens are totally gone on this course! I wish we would have read the recent reviews first- don't be fooled by the star ratings. They should have warned us about the greens when we purchased a package. The fairways were in decent shape but a little long. The layout was fine. The pro shop had metal detectors on the doors- not sure I have ever seen that! Staff was not too friendly. There are too many other good courses in Myrtle Beach area to play - don't waste your money here until they get their greens fixed.


Date Played: 05/02/2016
100 0

This was the worst course we played all week. Fairways looked like they hadn't been mowed in a week. The greens were the worst. Very little grass, a ton of areas where there was no grass, and just as bumpy as ever. Worst greens and course I have played on either here or at home. This was once a well manicured course. Not anymore. Complained in the clubhouse and got a raincheck for a return visit. Absolutely pathetic. Panthers Run greens were also not the best but they were like the Masters compared to Lions Paw. Starter and staff could also use some customer training.


Date Played: 07/16/2015
100 0

Played for the first time 7/2014 and couldn't wait to go back this year but that was a mistake. It was the worst condition of any golf course I have ever played in the Myrtle Beach area in twenty plus years of visiting here. It was such a shame to see a magnificent golf course let itself get to that condition in one years time. For people who have been visiting for a long time this course is in worst condition than Deer Track in its final year of operation. Never seen a golf course more brown not even Chambers Bay was that brown


Date Played: 06/20/2015
100 0

Nice layout but would have liked to have known that some of the greens had been aerified. One green would be extremely fast and then the next was like hitting out of a bunker. Lots of patches on the greens and fairways as well. This was the fifth course we had played this week and by far was my lowest ranked.


Date Played: 06/05/2015
100 0

Fairways excellent, greens a bit slow.


Date Played: 03/28/2015
100 0

Before I write anything else, I would like to say I loved the golf course layout and the whole experience of playing it. However the day we were there it seems they hadn't cut the fairways for a few days and it was like playing out of mild rough the whole round. Plus the fact that it had rained the night before made it slow going. The highlight of the day was hitting over two large alligators on the par 3 third hole. Would definitely like to try it again when the course has dried out.


Date Played: 11/11/2014
100 0

Very tough.


Date Played: 01/22/2014
100 0

January conditions were excellent. This is the third course we have played coming in to Myrtle Beach from Va. Four hours from the Va line and 40 minutes from hotel. All three courses have been playable for our single digit handicappers to our 20 handicappers. Looking forward to playing Tiger's Eye on our next trip in February.


Date Played: 04/24/2013
100 0

The course was in great condition and the guys had a great time playing. It is one of our favorite courses to play.


Date Played: 09/14/2012
100 0

A very nice course.


Date Played: 08/27/2012
100 0

I enjoyed the facilities. The only downfall was the water on the course, but seeing that rain caused the water, there is no fault I can find with the course. Awesome day of golf on a great course.


Date Played: 08/23/2012
100 0

Alligators. Scenic beauty.


Date Played: 06/14/2012
100 0

Save your time and money. They don't believe in watering their course and it was way the worst of the courses we played. Although their staff is way above average the course remains dead.


Date Played: 05/30/2012
100 0

The staff is the best on the Strand. Greens were bumpy but rolled true. Not very fast. Tee boxes had no level places, poorly maintained. Fairways and layout were very good.


Date Played: 05/07/2012
100 0

Tough holes.


Date Played: 04/11/2012
100 0

Wife left her camera behind in the golf cart, spoke with the pro shop and it had yet to be turned in. In true hospitality fashion we were contacted two days later that they found it. SOLID service, thank you! Played all four and will in the future as well.


Date Played: 04/09/2012
100 0

The course was in great shape ... had a wonderful time.


Date Played: 01/22/2012
100 0

Course is beautiful. Greens in great shape. Tough to read. Tee offs for the men and women are uneven! Could play better courses for less $.


Date Played: 01/01/2012
100 0

Good solid course in great condition. Course is really long from the white tees and gives you a real test.


Date Played: 10/22/2011
100 0

Very good.


Date Played: 09/25/2011
100 0

Great course, in great shape (especially the greens).


Date Played: 09/06/2011
100 0

Slow play due to group ahead who fell a few holes behind and not a marshall in sight until it did not matter, as we were on the 17th tee.


Date Played: 04/12/2011
100 0

Enjoyed the course but greens not the best. Slow play also.


Date Played: 01/04/2011
100 0

Well, in considering the cold weather, I feel the golf was enjoyable and the people at Lion's Paw did the best they could to make our round enjoyable.


Date Played: 10/18/2010
100 0

Greens were in poor shape and need a complete redo. Rough also cut very deep so not very friendly to people who don't know the course.


Date Played: 10/07/2010
100 0

Ocean Ridge Plantation is always one of our destinations when playing courses around Myrtle Beach every October. Lion's Paw provides a very challenging layout that is fair to every level of golfer.


Date Played: 05/17/2010
100 0

Course was in excellent shape. Rangers and clubhouse attendants very professional. A great golfing experience.


Date Played: 01/02/2010
100 0

Course was in good shape for all the rain the area had.


Date Played: 01/01/2010
100 0

I understand that due to the large amount of rain that Myrtle Beach has received in December that it would cause the fairways to be wet and soggy, but playing Lion's Paw on Sunday, December 27th, 2009, was a disaster. I wish the starter or someone in the clubhouse had given us some words of wisdom that the fairways were going to be in such bad shape. It made for a wet, sometimes ugly, miserable round of golf. I actually hit a Pro V1 in the middle of a fairway, and the ground was so soggy that we could not find the ball after it plugged in the muck and water IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FAIRWAY! Also, you may want to check the answering machine at the reception desk, which is the number you have listed to call, because I tried for 2 days to call the clubhouse to get a tee time and got the same recorded message. I plan to return in April to play Leopards Chase, but if if things have not improved, I WILL be taking my group to another venue. If anyone finds a new Titleist in the middle of a fairway, tell them you knows who it belongs to!


Date Played: 12/06/2009
100 0

This golf course was nothing special.


Date Played: 12/03/2009
100 0


Date Played: 11/27/2009
100 0

Course had been overseeded and the fairways were very wet, had to play lift/clean/replace. Really loved the course layout.


Date Played: 10/17/2009
100 0

Very enjoyable experience.


Date Played: 10/05/2009
100 0

Enjoyed course


Date Played: 08/09/2009
100 0

Played this course on August 3rd. I have played this course many times, and I like the layout, and for the money it just is a good deal. Last year the greens where so-so, but I decided to give it another chance, but this is it for a while. Greens are awful, they weren't cut, and grass was sparse to say the least. I don't know what's going on at Ocean Ridge, seems like Lion's Paw and Panther's Run are being abandoned.


Date Played: 07/14/2009
100 0

I have been playing golf in Myrtle for 12 years and have waited for 5 years to travel all the way north to play the Big Cats. It was truly a total disappointment. Right from the rude greeting through the rude pro shop staff and starter. The greens looked like they had not been cut in days and on some greens it even looked like a wild grass was growing and the fairways were sparse and spotty. A good course would have told you if the course was not at its best. I have never been treated so rudely by a golf staff and will never return to play any of the big cats. ,I have been playing golf in Myrtle for 12 years and have waited for 5 years to travel all the way north to play the Big Cats. It was truly a total disappointment. Right from the rude greeting through the rude pro shop staff and starter. The greens looked like they had not been cut in days and on some greens it even looked like a wild grass was growing and the fairways were sparse and spotty. A good course would have told you if the course was not at its best. I have never been treated so rudely by a golf staff and will never return to play any of the big cats.


Date Played: 04/10/2009
100 0



Date Played: 09/24/2008
100 0

Played July 31, 2008: Play was slow, but the marshal explained the situation very well and kept things moving - we were a twosome among foursomes.

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