Beware: The Palmetto Course’s 3 Most Dangerous Holes

Myrtlewood’s Palmetto Course has a deserved reputation for being player-friendly, but that doesn’t mean it’s without challenge. This long-time favorite has teeth and, as a public service, we are going to take you inside the three holes you better be wary of, lest a big number awaits.

Survive this trio and a score you can’t wait to tell your buddies about maybe in the offing.

No. 8, 522-yard (all distances from white tees), par 5: From the tee, the pond that rests at apex of the hole’s dogleg left is barely visible, but you can drive the ball in the water. The bunker on the left side of the fairway is a good aiming point and you want your ball to cross the sand on the fly. Your natural inclination is to start your tee shot off the bunker’s right edge, which only increases your chances of putting a ball in the drink. This is a much more dangerous tee shot – and by extension hole – than it appears from the tee. If you can find the fairway, your chances of making par rise exponentially. (pictured right)

No. 11, 190-yard, par 3: No hazard here, just a long, brutish par 3 that plays to a green flanked by three bunkers. When the pin is in the back left, this is a doozy. Don’t roll your eyes when you read this, but if you don’t have a club you can hit 190 yards with accuracy, think about where you want to miss. If you want to scoff, go ahead but it’s better than overswinging your way into significant trouble. Bogey isn’t a bad score here because a 190-yard par 3, for the average player, is a significant challenge.(pictured right)

No. 15, 419-yard, par 4: There is nothing hidden about the danger on the Palmetto Course’s longest par 4. Water runs along the starboard side of a hole that favors a tee shot that lands in the right-center of the fairway, so the risk-reward scenario is obvious. The combination of the length and the water makes this a treacherous challenge. (top photo)

The Palmetto Course at Myrtlewood Golf Club certainly ranks among the area’s most playable layouts but these three holes will demand your best.

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