Myrtle Beach Golf Tip: Dustin Johnson Golf School Shows You 3 Ways to Improving Your Bunker Play

In this video, Dustin Johnson Golf School Director of Coaching Allen Terrell discusses the three key components to better bunker play – and how you can properly execute the primary elements of each.

View the video in its entirety below, and check out the excerpts on the dynamics of the wedge and alignment:

“We’re going to work on some things that are going to help you get out of the bunker every time. The first thing is from all of our teaching here at the golf school, what we see is a lot of times our golfers just don’t understand the dynamic of the wedge. How it’s made and why it’s made, and how knowing that will help you to be better in your bunker game.

“First of all, understanding how we’re going to use the bounce. At address, we see a lot of times people want to lean the shaft forward before they take the club back. The problem when you do that is you expose more of the leading edge, and you reduce the amount of bounce that’s going to help you get out of the bunker. We’re going to talk about that in a little bit with what you could do at setup and in your swing to help you really use the bounce …”

“(Another) key in the bunker is alignment. So many times we see our students aiming way left of where they’re trying to hit the golf ball. So many times people have heard, ‘Open the face. Aim left.’ The problem is that you’re not going to be able to hit the ball very far if you do that. That’s more of a specialty shot if you’re short-sided. For just a basic bunker shot, you want to be fairly square to your target line. I put a line in the sand here to illustrate how we don’t want to be left. We want our feet lined up with that. The reason is the more sand we move in the direction we want the ball to go, the more success you’ll have. If I’m too left, and I’m going  at that flag, I’m going to cut across it and I won’t be able to get the ball very far.

“Remember, one really great tip is try to throw the sand on the green the direction you want the ball to go. If you’re sand is going left of the target, your ball almost certainly is going to end up short. We always want to try to throw the sand in the direction of the target. You can see how that shot went a lot more on line and much further than the first one when I was open left cut across it. It comes out really, really, really weak. Set up square. Always try to throw the sand the direction that you want the ball to start on. That’s going to really, really help you get out of the bunker every time.”

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