Meredith Visits The New “Avenue” at Broadway at the Beach

This was a Facebook Live Video

Meredith:           Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining me live here. Today, we are at Broadway at the Beach. Now, many of you are familiar with Broadway at the Beach when you come to Myrtle Beach and visit. This is a great place that has many restaurants and bars and fun activities for you to do after a round, and more recently, Broadway at the Beach is totally revitalized, so there’s tons of new restaurants that are super cool. The Hard Rock Café here to my right, all brand new. They tore down that last one and have totally revitalized it. It’s super cool, and then also looking down this street right now, it’s in the morning time, so I wanted to show you guys when it’s just not bustling at night, but if you take a look down here, we have a Dave and Busters. We also have the famous Crocodile Walks and then standing right here is the American Tap Room, which is a really cool brewery here. This place at night is packed. It’s one of the most popular places to come to after a round of golf here in Myrtle Beach.

So many other restaurants and bars and so many things for families to do. On the other side, you have putt putt, you have the aquarium here. You have a movie theater. I mean, pretty much anything that you can imagine to do here in Myrtle Beach, from eating to night life to family fun, you’re going to find it here at Broadway at the Beach. It’s super cool.