Meredith Speaks with TPC Myrtle Beach Head Golf Professional Matt Daly

Fresh off the 2017 Dustin Johnson World Junior Championship, Meredith catches up with TPC Head Golf Professional Matt Daly. Matt discusses the preparation that went in hosting such an elite event and discusses why you should experience TPC Myrtle Beach on your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip.

Meredith:           All right everyone, thanks for joining us live at and with me here is the head golf professional, Matt Daly at TPC Myrtle Beach. Matt, we are just coming out of a major junior championship, the Dustin Johnson Junior World Championship. The course is in phenomenal condition. Tell me a little bit about how we’re going to move forward out of this tournament and into spring golf here in Myrtle Beach.

Matt:                     Well, you would think it’s spring already, right? This weather is perfect. Well, obviously we’ve been preparing for this tournament for some time and the golf course couldn’t be in any better shape. It’s just going to maintain that through the spring. A couple weeks from now we’ll be in full bloom and the golf course will just maintain this condition throughout the spring, so we’re excited. Still room for bookings in April. You can go to to book the golf packages and you couldn’t ask for a better experience than playing out here at TPC right now.

Meredith:           Yes, I can’t get over these greens. I mean absolutely, they are rolling pure and here we are on number 18, and look at these greens.

Matt:                     Yes. It’s perfect.

Meredith:           Look at this. They’re like butter and you said they’re rolling. What are they rolling right now?

Matt:                     Right now they are a 12 so that’s pretty quick. That’s tournament fast. We’ll probably maintain them around 11 for the springtime, which is that’s what you want to do when you come out here. You play a PGA tour facility, you want to play PGA tour conditions, so we’ll maintain them at a good speed, so all of our guests can get a tournament experience when they come out and play.

Meredith:           Now one thing I will say is every time I’m out here at TPC, you guys keep it always in phenomenal condition and the greens are always rolling, like you said, 11, 12, this is just another reason that you have to come check out TPC at Myrtle Beach and come play this course.

Matt:                     Absolutely. It’s a great Tom Fazio golf course. You have all sorts of … I mean it’s vintage Fazio. The par threes, the four par threes are some of the best that you’ll find on the beach. Especially the 17th hole out here is just a phenomenal, phenomenal golf hole. Par fours kind of run the gamut. You can play … There’s several short par fours and then some really long, stout par fours, and the par fives out here are all where you can, they’re all birdiable holes, so it’s a fun golf course. Come check us out.

Meredith:           And one more thing. Did y’all do a recent renovation? An extra bar here in the area?

Matt:                     Yes, the best 19th hole. I forgot about our newest hole, the 19th hole. The Champion’s Club here at the clubhouse is newly renovated. It’s a great place to finish your round and watch people putt out on 18.

Meredith:           Yes, it’s a really nice area out here and you have all these chairs out here. You can just come chill out and have a cold beer and watch everyone on this amazing finishing hole here at TPC Myrtle Beach.

Matt:                     Yes. They can trade war stories and see who can lie better.

Meredith:           All right Matt, well thank you so much and thanks for joining us at, and where they can go again to book their next spring golf vacation?


Meredith:           All right, so you heard it from the head golf professional at TPC, Matt Daly. Thanks for joining us.

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