Hurricane Dorian Update: Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Reopen

Myrtle Beach has endured its brush with Hurricane Dorian, and the question everyone is asking is how bad was it and what’s the aftermath? The truth is, we were very fortunate. You likely saw dramatic images on television, including footage of a Jeep being battered by the pounding surf, but the impact of Hurricane Dorian on Myrtle Beach was very limited. (FWIW, here is the owners story as to how the jeep ended up on the beach. His cousin? Wanted to see the sunrise on the morning of a hurricane? Puhleeze!!)Yes, the eyewall passed just off the coast, but the storm was no longer the monster that devastated the Bahamas. There was a lot of rain and tropical storm force winds, but beyond an ugly Thursday, Hurricane Dorian will have no lasting effect on the Myrtle Beach golf scene.Courses were closed Friday to cleanup small debris and maintenance crews were busy repairing washed out bunkers, but every Myrtle Beach golf course had reopened by the Monday after the storm. Anyone who has booked a trip or is planning to, can rest easy knowing that Myrtle Beach has bounced back just fine.

See for yourself as this video was shot post-Dorian..