Greens, Goals, and Good Deeds: Golf Resolutions to Make 2024 Great

It’s that time of year and people are contemplating New Year’s resolutions, but we aren’t here to talk about diet and exercise.

What’s the fun in that?

You need to commit to golf resolutions and we have suggestions for a great 2024. No matter your skill level, here are five vows that will make the coming year your best one yet.

– Commit to improving ONE part of your game. Sure, your lag putting needs work, more swing speed would be beneficial, and you are occasionally a butcher on the approach, but golf isn’t your full-time job. Trying to improve everything often leads to improving nothing. Pick one aspect of your game and focus your hard work on that area. Not saying you will be scratch by the end of 2024, but it’s the best way to improve, even if the gains are incremental.

– Golf is an aspirational game, so create a courses-to-play bucket list – I’m talking about a reasonable one. I want to play Augusta National too, but it’s not happening. You can have short- and long-range goals, but for 2024, come up with a list that offers a realistic chance to check a few boxes. Always wanted to play Grande Dunes? Want to follow the PGA Tour players at the Dunes Club? Want to tee it up on a course an hour from home you’ve never played? Do it. It’s not a decision you will regret at this time next year.

– Time is tight and we are all in different spots financially but add another golf trip to your schedule if at all possible. A trip gives you something to look forward to, it’s good for your mental health, and it motivates you to practice. Not to mention, it will be one of the best weekends of the year.

– On a much more intangible front, unlike the people who occupy the game’s most visible positions – yes, I’m referring to the emperors at the USGA and the undisguised greed that is poisoning professional golf – try to do something good for the game. Encourage a friend to begin playing, go out of your way to help newcomers, or donate clubs to a charity that will give them to kids who need a set to get started. The game is great and you will feel better about yourself if you are able to pay it forward in 2024, even while so many others do not.

– Whether it’s for your regular Saturday group or a golf trip, you owe it to yourself to use Golf Gamebook. The cost has jumped to $79.99 but you need just one membership for the entire group and you have 20 games to choose from. Best of all, Golf GameBook has live scoring that is awesome to keep track of during play. There is nothing like seeing your named at the top of the leaderboard! It’s a first world perk, but Golf GameBook will add to your good times on the course.

While many New Year’s resolutions are inherently focused on negatives, your vows related to golf will make a good thing even better.

(Photos for this piece from our Instagram account @MyrtleBeachGolfTrips. Top photo Myrtlewood PineHills, pictured right Pawleys Plantation Golf Club)