Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center Quick Tip "Speed in a Greenside Bunker"

We’re here at the practice bunker at Grand Dunes Golf Performance Center. Today we’re going talk to you a little bit about bunkers. I’m going give you a couple of little set up keys and then we’re going talk about speed a little bit. The club face needs to be a little bit open so you can use the belly of the wedge to hit the sand, that’s number one. You can vary how much it opens, but the club’s got be open a little bit. The angle of the shaft should be relatively neutral and with a wide stance. That’s probably all we need to think about is the way its mechanics for basics. What I see is golfers not having enough speed through the bunker, so they might set up okay and then they move too slow and they won’t get the ball out of the bunker. We’ve got about a 15 yard shot here and you’ve got to swing fast enough to where if you’re hitting a normal shot, it might go 60 or 70 yards. You want to set up like that and try to apply enough speed. I hit that two feet. I swung much harder than I would out of grass. I probably swung three or four times as hard there from 15 yards as I normally would, because we’re not trying to hit the ball. We’ve got to move this sand out of there as well. Don’t let that fear of hitting a bad shot slow you down. You want to get set up properly and go ahead and give it a good lash to get it out. If I can help you in any way, we’re always here to help so look us up and we’ll take care of you.

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