Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center Opens

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by Golf Trips Staff

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Stacy:                    Hi. I’m Stacy Solomon and I am stoked to be here with Dale Ketola, Director of Instruction for the brand new Grand Dunes Golf Performance Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Thanks for joining us today.

Dale:                      You’re welcome. Glad to be here.

Stacy:                    Could you tell us something about the facility and what you offer?

Dale:                      Sure. We offer everything golf related as far as performance goes. We do golf lessons. We do club fitting. We do on course stuff. We do short game, putting, wedges, you name it, so pretty much the whole thing.

Stacy:                    For all types of people, from beginners to advanced?

Dale:                      All types of people. If they never played golf before or if they’re a pro trying to play for a living, everybody in between.

Stacy:                    How is this facility different than other big box or retail stores?

Dale:                      Well, from a club fitting standpoint, we hit outdoors, okay? That’s the number one thing. If you go to a store, you’re going to be hitting inside. You’re going to be hitting into a net with a machine that may or may not be accurate. Our machines are doplar radar, so it tracks the ball the whole way until it lands. I tell people it’s real life. This is what really happens. We can fit outdoors. I do all the fitting here, so you have somebody fitting you that knows the swing, knows the clubs, puts it all together, and that’s how we fit.

Stacy:                    Well, I also know that you have new technology. I’m very into new technology. I think it’s awesome, not that it’s always needed, but could you tell us something about the technology that you use?

Dale:                      Well, we have FlightScope, so FlightScope’s a radar that tracks the ball and the club when you hit it. If we’re doing a club fitting, we want to track what the ball’s doing. As we go through the fitting, we want to make the ball do something better. I use those numbers. I don’t go through with the student unless they are up on the technology and they understand the numbers, but I use it more for me and to try to mathematically get the ball to do the best for that particular person, I guess. FlightScope’s the main thing for fitting.

Stacy:                    I also read that you use FocusBand.

Dale:                      Yeah.

Stacy:                    That’s virtual reality in my mind.

Dale:                      I don’t know. Yeah. It’s like a headband. You put it one and it measures basically your thoughts the ten seconds before you hit a shot. You’re either consciously thinking about something, or you’re scared, which is bad, or you’re more of a trust, unconscious, thinking about the target, swinging free, not a care in the world type of thing and it’s able to measure it.

Stacy:                    Oh, wow. That’s super.

Dale:                      Yeah.

Stacy:                    Could you tell our viewers how to contact you, and get a lesson, or a club fitting?

Dale:                      Sure. Email is or my cell phone is (843) 833-3332.

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